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  1. Thats great to hear you can take them out yourself and it doesnt hurt that much, thats f****** deadly as the irish would say. Cheers for that mate and have a good new year
  2. oldschool

    Ht Buddies

    That could be a good idea, Ive travelled on my tobler meaning toblerone, meaning on my own, quite a bit without any problems but surgery away from home is another story altogether. But I dont think Id be much company because Id be too anxious and worried about the surgery to make any attempt at small talk, I think this is aloner job in and out as soon as possible. Now a MILF in a skimpy nurses outfit doesnt sound half bad.
  3. Thanks lads for the replies, you kept mentioning the front 1/3, what does this mean? BadHairUK your right about the money the amount of pissups with the mates I had to avoid!!! I have included a picture Ill try and sort out more. You said to contact Spex, where can I get his email address. Cheers
  4. Alright BAM thanks for the reply you were alot of help mate. The reason why I had chosen Bernstein was because i had seen him in video clips as you had mentioned above, I think I will go to Dr Feller. It seems that we were both typing messages at the same time Its good to hear you have your staples out , I say your laughing now the worst is over with. By the way how did you get them taken out did you just go to your GP, did it hurt at all. Cheers
  5. Hello, I have saved up about €9000 now, so I think I have enough money to go ahead with a ht. I dont need anywork at the crown but a good bit needed for the front, could anyone tell me how many grafts this amount would get me? I was originally going to go to Dr Berstein but what Ive been told and shown by some of you guys, Dr Feller seems like the DON of ht. I would like to know what you would recommend on your 1st ht: strip or fue? Because i have to travel to ny I would like to get as much hair transplanted as possible. Also what is the best way to contact Dr Feller, does he have a website? I know you guys are probably sick of telling people where to get proscar(fin) but I live in dub ireland and Spex Doc doesnt prescribe to non uk, if anyone could tell me a website that can help, that would be great as I think I need to get on it as soon as possible. Cheers
  6. Cheers for the advice lads, ill check out the site you gave me goeasy. Dr Berstein has written books and has won awards for his artistry so to speak in ht, is he not as good, i would have thought experience is the most important. Also could you lads help me I need to get on to fin as soon as possible but im living in dublin ireland do you know websites i could get it from.
  7. happy christmas everyone, shout out from dublin!! and dont go nuts on the whiskey it only puts hairs on the chest. Cheers
  8. hello BAM, great to here your happy with your transplant, Im new to this site only a member a week. Ive been thinking of getting a hair transplant but i had decided on Dr Berstein in ny. if you could give me some advice that would be great. Cheers Have a good crimbo
  9. After reading what so many of you have said about fin and its benefits I have decided to go for it. I live in dublin ireland where can I get it, does Dr Ashcroft deliver here or whats the cheapest fin that works, I heard there are some generic types out there?
  10. Natural DHT blockers? One word: scam. The only things that are proven to work are Fin, Dut and Minoxidil. Some other topically applied products - Nizoral, copper peptides, Spironolactone, RU58841 - may also 'work' to a greater or lesser extent but don't have robust studies supporting them. If you want to take drugs then start with Fin and see how you're doing after 6-12 months. If you're still losing a lot of hair think at that point think about Dut. Dut is a stronger drug that is theoretically more effective against hairloss (there have been no long-term studies) but it is not licensed, is expensive and carries a higher risk of side effects. Thanks for the information Pondle, Ill have to sit on it for a while and consider the options. I still might try the natural stuff, sometimes peace of mind can do the trick!
  11. I need some guidance, if you dont mind. Im taking minox for over 9 months it seems to do the job. i got put on it from the robbing AHS b*****ds, now that they over and done with, i dont know what to take. I also take the natural DHT blockers which again was AHS idea, thinking of taking Pro Genisis? Im scared to think what dut /fin will do if i take it as I said in the title i couldnt get an erection while taking some valium in cambodia until 2 weeks after i stopped. If i do decide to take fin or dut which should i go for. Also saving up for a hair transplant im going to go to DR Berstein in NY,his website looks good and ive talked to him through email.. does anyone know of him? Also you loss some hair everyday right??? Cheers
  12. hi, new to this website. I went to AHS and got riped off but they did put me on minox, been on it for 9 months and my hair has seemed to remain the same, at least thats what people say. I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT grow more hair I think it has stopped falling out, you loss some hairs everyday right?
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