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  1. hey cheers for the reply. i appreciate what your saying, im not so much stressing about my hair, just aware that its an evitability really. It all came back up again a few weeks ago, as i was certain my hairline had got worse but i couldnt be sure as i havnt been keeping measurements! as for the opinions on what to do (or not to do as the case maybe!) they are greatly appreciated.... if anyone here has any opposite oppinions tht would be useful now... im just finding it hard to form objective opions on hairloss-related issues. Nobody really gives out objective information so think im needing to hear both types of experiences and come to my own conclusion! Incidently, does anyone have any info on 5AR inhibitors preventing doctors' abilities to detect cancer, or if that is indeed true?
  2. Hello everyone! Im 21, and since i was like 15, i randomly realised my hairline wasnt great, and my paranoia has got worse since. To be honest it hasnt changed much from what I can tell (or if it has, its been gradual over the past 6 years), but i would presume if its receding at all its a result of my dad genes as the only man in my family with a receding hairline (which is annoying, considering i take after everyone else in my family in every other aspect of my appearance. In fact my looks and even hair type is almost identical to my uncle....just the actual hair line takes after my dad!). But its managable right now. If my hair stayed like this for the rest of my life, id be a happy man" So what im looking for is a way to prevent it from receding. Is there any method of prevention? Ive done a lot of research, and my friend uses MANY methods to combat his hairloss. So im pretty clued up on most of the methods out there. But i think a lot of the information is biased, and a lot of it is geared at people who are already well into losing their hair, as well as very negative comments about helping the temples which is my problem. Guess itd be easier to summarise myself with a list of questions, so here goes!!: 1. Is there any effective method of prevention ie before hair starts falling out? 2. ive read that proscar/saw palmetto etc (ie anything that blocks that Type 5 thingy) although it can prevent prostate cancer, it can actually cause other problems - the thing that it blocks, is actually what allows doctors to detect cancer in the first place, and so its likely if you develop cancer that it will not be noticed until the later stages. Any info on this? 3. Is anyone here tried preventing hairloss earlier on in life and succeed/failed? 4. Although gimmicky, the general concensus on here is that lasers not a good idea, but is that because many people use it too later? The laser comb would be a very sound investment if it would be a good preventative measure 5. Can dermatologists conduct tests to figure out if you are losing hair and why? i remember reading on a site that youre doctor can do this, and that will help in making a better choice of treatment. 6. Hair transplants - are they not much use until you hairline is completely gone? as otherwise you'll have hair at the front of your head but not ine middle? or is it a continual lifelong process? ive seen the pics on here from spex etc and theyre amazing. but cant find any info about it on the longterm. Sorry for the longness! any help/info would be very much appreciated!
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