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  1. Stan Lazaridis (Ex West Ham etc) got caught using propecia.
  2. Glad I read this thread. I usually purchase my Proscar from IHP, but opted for the generic stuff instead as it's much cheaper. I've noticed my hair isn't as good as it was since using it. Perhaps it's just me..... I don't want to start alarm bells ringing though. These are round shaped pills in small strips of 10 (I think)
  3. I'm still a little sceptical about Regaine, I've used it for quite a while but sometimes it's quite depressing when the regaine makes your hair look thinner when first applied. I get a bit depressed about it. I've recently purchased some nizoral to hopefully compliment it as well as taking fin. Last year, I was quite happy with how my hair was after a period of it looking rubbish. My girlfriend and I split up just after Christmas and I think it knocked my confidence a bit and since then I've not been too happy with the way my hair looks. When I was with my girlfriend, I used Regaine but not as often, as I'd never take it over to her house etc. Since then I've been using it morning and night and have noticed my hair isn't as good as it was. Or maybe it's me being paranoid... it's a tough call what to do really - should I use it say 4 times a week in conjunction with Nizoral and fin...... I just dont know!
  4. I've been using Minox foam for a while now and I much prefer it to the normal stuff. It's quicker drying and not so messy.
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