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  1. My hair is beginning to thin at the frontal hairline and just behind the frontal hairline, between the hairline and the crown. I already use Nizoral, and I plan to get on Propecia soon. Should I simply get Propeica/Proscar and keep up the Nizoral? Or should I also add Rogaine as well?
  2. I'm interested in how many people have used Rogaine foam with success. I recently quit after a major shed, and, after much criticism from experienced posters, I'm considering starting again. Obviously, I just don't want to go through a shed and not get the hair back, which I've heard happens from time to time. Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Is there anything that works on the hairline, avodart for example?
  4. Me too. Used Rogaine foam for 10 days and my hairline got significanlty worse. It's amazing how much hair this product can make you lose in only ten days.
  5. Did you use the foam? Did you use the foam?
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