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  1. So how would this work for an average receding guy specs??
  2. I heard something about this on radio1 but it had only been tested on mice but they said it had grown a lot of hair and would be one day developed to use on humans.
  3. hi all does anyone have the link for bigmacs site he took over from pb?
  4. Cheers for the heads up boys. So this glad your on about richie this is where dht comes from? Do we need it is their no way of totaly stopping dht instead of just supressing it with meds?
  5. Iv always trained and watched my diet mate just when something like that crops up you start thinking holy fcuk that might contribute to it! To make it worse today i was reading a mens fitness mag and it was pointing out all the shit thats in some nurishment drink one of the additives could cause hairloss itchy skin etc
  6. fcuk you'v got me paranoid now i train and take protein shakes can anyone can anyone shed some light on the points this guys brought up?
  7. Hi all can anyone tell me if what the situation is with grafts that have been implanted would you lose them again or would they stay there permanently?
  8. Hey richie cracking results their mate. i havent really lost any at the crown but think its starting to thin been on fin for about 5 6 months now ob too early to say if working im sure iv lost a bit more at the front but been on minox so stopped that now if the fin stops the loss id be happy to go for a ht. Lifes so fcuking good at the minute my hairloss is the only thing that pulls me down i dont like going out anymore without my cap on or hair cut and styled to perfection even then its obvious im losing it.
  9. If the finistride works and grows the hair back on the crown does this mean it will stop you losing anymore at the front??
  10. does nizoral really work? if so how its ment for dandruft isn't it??
  11. I think iv lost a bit more at the front since starting fin what will happen is their any chance it may grow back or am i just even more destined for a ht?
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7663333.stm I read about this in the paper today also some scientists think they can seriously help hair loss they'v been experementing on mice and apparently they grew hair on them that lasted up to 14 months after they died fcuk knows how long or if they ever will develop it to work on humans but i had the horn all day thinking about what IF they did i can always hope
  13. See these bastards they want fcukin with an elephant using rabbit strokes! like all these storys iv read about the uk butchers and ahs this forums a god send to me cos if the evil nasty fcukers had robbed and butchered me like they have some poor guys id be locked up now their clinics need torched and they need tortured i went to ahs a while ago and spoke to some uk ht surgeons just so pleased i wasn't fast to jump at them and did my research
  14. Iv been gonna ask this too iv not long been on the fin haven't noticed any improvements yet think i may have shedded a bit i could be wrong. it suppresses dht so maybe it does stop or even slows it at the front no doubt spex or one of the guys with no how will answer soon mate
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