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  1. Cheers Doc Much appreciated, I haven't really been touching the recipient area apart from washing - just over analyzing things. The redness has come down significantly over the past couple of days and is beginning to blend. Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions. Speak Soon
  2. Hey HairyMuff and BigMac, I shaved my head today 13 days post op, my head was just becoming so fuzzy - looked like i had been electrocuted! I like the hairline and further down the line will go further back, gutted Dr Feller couldn't go a bit further back in my first session as it leaves a visible gap between the recipient and my main receding hair. The redness is still apparent from a distance, close under lights the scalp is clear. But I think the illusion of the grafts holding blood underneath makes it look at lot darker from a distance. Seems as though I have a few ingrown hairs which makes things worse, but having posted already - it is to be expected. Any tips of getting minimizing them would be appreciated. My hair grows really really quickly, and after 8 days I have already began to shed. Finding it tough at the mo - but I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Just want the redness to go away because I keep my hair very very short. Have met the girlfriend a couple times so far and she has not noticed as of yet (i think). Sometimes feels she suspects something, but that may be my paranoia. The donor area is still a bit tingly and sore but has healed up visually, will be nice for the sensation to go away completely but it is slowly getting better. Numbness exists in the recipient area, but again is going down. The most odd sensation is the liquid floating about as the numbness recedes - no big deal - just weird! Haven't met mates properly yet, hopefully they will be oblivious to it and just be happy to see me after a while!!!! Whats the saying 'time flies' - errr well not at the mo!! lol All your comments and support are much appreciated as its a lot harder than I thought it would be, me just being unrealistic to begin with I suppose. Do not underestimate Spex' Post Op Blues thread, be aware if you plan to have a ht
  3. Cheers, cant download the pics for some reason - i have asked spex if he could kindly do so. It seems like the redness has died down in the recipient area (especially under lights). But those darn blackhead looking things make things more visible and having my hair at less the a 1/2 makes things visible. Easy to over analyze things - any tactics to help get rid of those bad boys quicker? Thanks Pete
  4. Hi guys its been 13 days now since the op, i am concerned about some of the grafts that have been placed. They almost look like blackheads, ingrown hairs - which makes my recipient area darker than it is and am concerned about the pimples around that particular area. Any views and what can be done about it?
  5. Cheers Guys, thanks for the responses. I'm tending to get pins and needles during sleeping, may just be the stress and odd sleeping positions! Is it still recommended to sleep at 45 degrees after 10 days, to help remove the fluid? Or can I sleep on my sides. The donor area is more or less healed, but feel it pinching still on the interior, should clear up in time. My hair is becoming like a fuzzball now and am very tempted to shave it but I think I will hold out until absolutely necessary. My hair is shedding already, is this good news? I think I read a post by Spex, the quicker you shed the quicker the growth! Will post my 9 day pictures shortly, have a good weekend guys!
  6. Hi Guys I had a session with Dr Feller 8 days ago for my hairline, I was hoping to cover my patches around my head but feller advised otherwise. So I got my hairline done, and have been panicking a bit since. The hairline looks neat and well done but am worried it may look daft when my bald patch and middle patch recedes completely. I don't really want to have another session as I have found the ordeal quite stressful (I suffer from panick attacks and ocd) I will normally buzz my hair down to a 1 anyway so hope it will blend in a bit, I just worry a bit further down the line. Also I'm not getting the best night's kip at the mo because of the thinking and worrying. I do tend to get a bit of pins and needles at the mo down my left side, some donor was taken from the side. Is that common? Also my recipient area is still numb and I've had no swelling down my forehead. Is this ok? Anyone else have a feeling of liquid movement under the scalp in the recipient area, started a few days ago and hasn't gone away yet. Pics not great quality sorry. I was thinking of getting my hair cut and buzzing it down completely, any advice? Do you have to be careful in the recipient area or can i go for less than a 1? Any help greatly received.
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