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    Got my blood work certificates today and I haven't got AIDs or hepatitis :D

    PB glad to hear it m8, it must be all them women throwing themselves at you because of your new hair that got you worried!! Arcticmonk i hope ur hair starts coming through soon m8, good luck :)

  2. I suppose there are advantages of looking like a thug, like not getting into fights or getting robbed with looking so hard ;) Unfortunately I didn't look tough with a shaved head - I just looked like a big-eared, four-eyed cancer patient :D

    heh-heh, a bit like this then PB (only joking m8) :lol:


  3. BTW you actually suited a shaved head.


    I think he looked like a thug with a shaved head. He looks like a gent with hair ;)

    erm...well...maybe, i guess he does look more of a "gent", but i think before he just looked like the average guy who doesn't care about going bald...then again he obviously did care :blink: Just ignore me ;)

  4. Cheers for your response, I have done a search on here but sadly i didn't find any information about his finance service. I am trying to find this because i only have half the money for the amount of grafts i want :( just wish Dr Rogers would get back to me some time soon! been checking my mail on here about 3 times a day lol

    Hi orange, i dont know a great deal about Dr. Rogers but i have not actually heard a single bad thing about him and he does come on this forum a lot, which is good. From the things i have read he does sound like the best in the uk. I dont know what email address youve been posting to but i made an enquiry with them several weeks ago and got a reply the same day :) . As for finance, i think you would be better going for a personal loan everytime, there is some good deals at RBOS at the moment, hope this helps and good luck.

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