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    looking good homer theres a huge difference from feb/march/april...its looking very nice now, congratulations.
  2. Got my blood work certificates today and I haven't got AIDs or hepatitis PB glad to hear it m8, it must be all them women throwing themselves at you because of your new hair that got you worried!! Arcticmonk i hope ur hair starts coming through soon m8, good luck
  3. Congratulations lucky, looks really good m8.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else find clive: http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss-reso...ut%20Clive.html really irritating ?
  5. Your skin looks a bit pale...are you really Mr.T? NIce HT though
  6. BHUK hows yours coming along now, any better?
  7. That is an amazing HT, you must be delighted congratulations
  8. sorry accidental post
  9. heh-heh, a bit like this then PB (only joking m8)
  10. I think he looked like a thug with a shaved head. He looks like a gent with hair erm...well...maybe, i guess he does look more of a "gent", but i think before he just looked like the average guy who doesn't care about going bald...then again he obviously did care Just ignore me
  11. Reyno does look a bit thin m8, but it also looks like natural hair and thats the main thing, if you go back for 1 more you will be laughing...BTW you actually suited a shaved head.
  12. jaym


    wow thats an amazing HT, how many grafts did you have zipit? all these pictures on this website and ive yet to see a Dr. Feller patient with a detectable HT, its amazing
  13. WOW bring it back, that hairline is amazing, you would not guess in a million years thats a HT...if that is what america can do i will have to give some serious thought into travelling myself, fantastic results, congratulations, jaym
  14. jaym

    Hats Off!

    Congratulations lucky m8 you must be really pleased Can i borrow your cap then
  15. Hi orange, i dont know a great deal about Dr. Rogers but i have not actually heard a single bad thing about him and he does come on this forum a lot, which is good. From the things i have read he does sound like the best in the uk. I dont know what email address youve been posting to but i made an enquiry with them several weeks ago and got a reply the same day . As for finance, i think you would be better going for a personal loan everytime, there is some good deals at RBOS at the moment, hope this helps and good luck.
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