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  1. 2000 in a day? It would take a day to mark out the 2000 he was going to take
  2. What the fuek is a fue machine?
  3. Completely agree! I'm not the type to have verbal fights over which doctor is best....but this is exactly the reason I didn't go to Armani. My opinion....limited as it is because I've not spoken to Dr Armani himself, but his clinic comes across the least ethical and the most capitalist of the other top docs. I spoke with and exchanged emails with his clinic and I was completely turned off by them. Probably because I've suffered from 'slick sales and marketing' without any soul when I have suckered into having HTs in the UK. It seems that Rahal and Feller are passionate about their work, extremely caring for their patients and charge a fee which is reasonable, but i did not get the same experience from Armani! Is he actually a bad surgeon, ie, bad results, or is it just the marketing whats bad? Only asking coz ive never heard of him. If hes the person on the link PB posted first, i can understand why people dont like him, i can also understand why theres a hand in front just about to strangle him.
  4. Thats not surgery, armaini has just butted him in the nose.
  5. BHUK, just wondering how its going m8, have you got any recent pictures? Im only asking to compare to your first pics, cheers m8.
  6. jaym

    Pb_ Books Hotel

    You could just make "back-ups" on Nero of your DVDs and make them region free
  7. Hi your scalp can stay red for a long time, stick with it m8 it will settle down eventually. As Mr. T said, patience is the best remedy, good luck. Dermatch may help if your allowed to use it.
  8. That way you would instantly be able to tell who has been to jail...people with fringes that look like pubic hair ...Hang on, thats me (well it was till i shaved over it)
  9. When i had my surgery at Norton clinic, i was not told to not pick the scabs...i did coz they were really itchy, after probly 2 days. Unfortunately for me they still grew, ALL OF THEM Kind of wish i pulled the whole follicle out...
  10. PB i dont know what the rest of your head is like (ht wise) but that hairline is unreal, totally convincing, you would not guess a ht in a million years
  11. holy s&*^ it must have been a mess (donor area) sounds like Dr. Feller has done extremely well to do the repair from such a bad donor area. I bet the patient is over the moon. Do you know if the doc did any scar repair on the patient?
  12. Hi bill, Fiona pearson is right, propecia/finasteride is not available on the NHS as the inmate claims. You would expect the inmate to spend his time worrying about the offence hes done rather than how many hairs hes got on his head
  13. BHUK, it must take some b*lls to show detailed pictures like that what you have been worrying about for so long, good on you. At least yours is *almost* sorted now m8, keep looking forward bh
  14. I dont think anyone (certainly not me) is saying its not "bad", it is, but to a lot of the uk ones its not "that" bad...eg., http://www.baldrus.com/transplant.shtml please see link (for patient experiences) and picture, this is what i would expect from some uk clinics (as i stress i am absolutely not mentioning ANY names what-so-ever, if ANY clinic objects contact me and i will delete the post), as you can see its far worse...some might say "pubic"
  15. OUCH that looks painful Still should look neat when its healed though.
  16. I agree, that was far from a really bad HT, there is usually thick wirey hairs, in groups of 2-3-4-5 with gaps between, it actually does not (at least on the pics) to be really that bad, having said that it is too low, too straight, too thick and too "neat" as PB said like it has been done with a ruler. Still there is i think a big improvement after the repair...but...if i had one like that (pre-op) i would not be immensely dissapointed, but i guess seeing it in the flesh rather that on a picture maybe it would be bad. Who did this HT? Or is it a clinic that will moan if its mentioned?
  17. Dr Feller doesn't do scalp reductions The markings will be the areas where he will plant hairs so that the guy can do a semi comb-over to cover the bald area left. Spex mentioned that his donor was limited after his previous butcherings so he won't have enough to fill the whole crown. Oh right i get it now. I think its good (very) that he does not do scalp reduction, they are not nice. Some of the apparently reputable uk ones still are though...dunno which ones
  18. Superb results, far better...what is the shape drawn in marker on his crown for? Is this scalp reduction?
  19. Hi jaym, Has that clinic, that you are not mentioning , had their lawyers contact you yet about complimenting the Rogers Clinic ? NOT YET , How many grafts are you having this time PB, and is this your last HT or have you more donor hair left?
  20. Looking at the front it should look very natural, and that donor scar is amazingly neat...i guess things have changed for some clinics instead of the kind of "tram line" effect (which i have ). Good luck with it. I think it is really good a surgeon comes on here and regularly keeps progress updated. I guess this means you have nothing to hide (unlike some, NOT NAMING ANY IN PARTICULAR) and are proud of your work. A shining example to other UK clinics (AGAIN NOT NAMING ANY IN PARTICULAR), also i actually contacted this clinic a month ago for repair work, in an email and got a reply THE SAME DAY which i think is very impressive. ANY CLINICS READING THE COMMENTS MADE ARE NOT AT A PARTICULAR CLINIC, IF ANY CLINIC THINKS IT IS ***PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECT*** AND I WILL EDIT MY MESSAGE, AND I ASSUME I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG IN COMPLIMENTING THE ROGERS CLINIC.
  21. jaym

    Pb_ Books Hotel

    Good luck with it PB m8
  22. Looks good Dr, very neat & tidy job, you can hardly tell.
  23. I can remember the disclaimer, and yes its on the day of surgery...about 5 minutes before to be precise. It basically has small print at the bottom (pointed out to me months later by another of his victims) saying "Dr. Norton can be held in no way responsible if the results of the transplant are not to the patients liking, or the transplant does not work" of course you sign this, and yes you are so nervous you dont read the small print Still i guess it covers his back.
  24. Congratulations Dr. Rogers., personally i do think you are right to not got a massive amount, it makes sense to me. I have always looked at ht and wondered how what will eventually be a receeding horse shoe cover an entire bald head and give a teenagers hair-line, yet still remain there aswell...doesn't sound possible. I think you are wise to get a bit rather than risking what could eventually be a thick, al-be-it natural looking hairline plonked on top of a bald head...no offence anybody this just makes sense to me, not that im an expert.
  25. Good luck in your quest pb.
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