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  1. wow thats is an amazing result congratulations bib!
  2. jaym

    Good Luck Pb

    Same as everyone else PB, good luck m8, you will be fine (but i guess you already know that) all the best
  3. Hi BH, it does IMO look a lot better shorter than long, and as long as YOU feel this way, thats what matters. I think another post mentioned that if it were longer you could get it looking thicker etc., i guess you could, but i guess everyones hair is different textures/thicknesses etc., and maybe yours is better off short. Good lucl BH, i really think its now a lot better, especially the recieptant area, this looks a 1000 times better buzzed. It does look like your going bald (as opposed to actually bald) and the main thing is (infact the ONLY improtant thing really) it looks natural. I am glad you are now pleased m8, congratulations you deserve it
  4. good luck azza m8, sounds like you've chosen one of the good guys
  5. I'm the last person that would defend this man/these people, but there is a lot of other clinics use similar/worse tactics to sucker people in and give them false hope/promises about the results they can expect and end up with, why does everyone single this clinic out over the others? Just a thought...
  6. Why does it say N*****, cant we say THOMAS N O R T O N??? This tactic (6000 FUE) will suck hundreds in
  7. Oh i see sorry spex m8, i wasn't dissing the pics, it just looks very, very good...i bet he WAS gutted when these fell out, excellent job, very impressive...i just seems incredibly neat, but i guess thats what you pay for
  8. How did it go from that to that in 1 week?
  9. I think this man would be ok, he could probably manage 1000 grafts/cm2.
  10. jaym

    Bit Of Advice...

    Sorry spex my mistake Sorry johnny aswell-my mistake again Next week !? I thought I was booked in for June 8th PB can i also wish you all the best for june 8th..good luck.
  11. Personally i dont think it needs thickening up, it just looks a bit thin, but naturally a bit thin rather than a balding kind of thin. Your results are superb. I have noticed that some HT patients post op pictures (none on this site) clearly use concealer to thicken it up, but yours is clearly 100% HT with none (concealer) you can see your scalp. If i was you i would be really pleased (im sure you are) good luck.
  12. sagg hard to say without seeing pictures, the best suggestion i think if your really sick of the haircut you have is to try buzzing it, if you are that sick of it you have nothing to loose, you may actually be suprised and like it, at least then you will know, otherwise you will always be wondering what it will look like. Good luck m8
  13. jaym

    Bit Of Advice...

    Probably the best adivse anyone could give you about hair transplants, ever. You will have the results for life, and you need to be absolutely certain you really want them, scars-and-all (also bear in mind you may not actually like them afterwards, and you will continue to receed and need more). Also financially, inevitably you will be spending £1000's over and over again (multiple procedures), once you are certain of this, find the right doctor. Im no expert but clearly the US is ahead of the UK by a mile (no idea why?), but it seems it is. Good luck whatever you decide, and the above comments are my opinion only but i have been through a lot and know a bit, all the best m8. Yes that just about sums up this forum. Baldspot check the forum at the addy below for MUCH more variety of Top Docs. Hair Loss Help Click Me for ALL the best surgeons and their patients. Some Brits there too. Johny your link doesn't work mate, im just interested to see which UK ones your recommending, cheers.
  14. MR T to say its only 1 month and your hair (back/sides) is that short, your scar has healed amazingly well When the pinkness goes you will probably be able to get away with leaving it short and not see it. The rest i guess as everyone else says you just have to wait...6 months time you will be able to get your hair cut like the real MR T! Good luck.
  15. Shaft, you already had a lot of hair b4 your HT, it will look really good in a few months or so, congratulations, bet u cant wait .
  16. BH if you look closely at the outside pictures, you can actually see there is loads of hairs ready to sprout through. Very soon you will have LOADS of healthy hair growing...must be a bummer waiting though, good luck.
  17. Congrats ian, in a few months you will have loads more sprouting through, looking good
  18. Wow its suprising the difference between indoor/outdoor lights (i think everybody should do this). Good luck BH m8 as everyone keeps saying this is just the start...you should notice a big difference literally week by week now .
  19. I happen to know that BadhairUK prefers to have honest opinions and not automatic "Wow! Looks great!" comments and he won't be offended by your opinion. I would also rather hear what people really think than automatic "Wow! Looks great!" comments - remember this after my next HT PB cheers m8, thats what i thought
  20. I have heard norton fue is actually really painful as they actually extract your pubic hair and stick that in your head.
  21. Cheers bh, thank god for that i was hoping i hadn't offended you. It was obviously not a populat comment i made, but it was at least honest. I am not saying you can SEE the pubes, i was just saying that (if people read it properly) i was staring at it to actually see the difference, and there is a slight difference, obviously there hairs (nobel) have been growing a lot longer and are a lot healthier as youve only had the others for 5 months, but nobel ones for a lot longer. When they catch up (feller) obviously it will be a different story . Again bh sorry if i offended you, and anyone else please think about what i actually wrote, rather that "you can still see the pubes" before anyone bites my head off. Trust me i am 101% on bh's side. A lot of us on the forum have been butchered. If i had a repair i would want a frank and honest opinion or the work. I think BHUK does too, maybe other people would not? Good luck BH . BTW, your last picture (7) looks amazing m8.
  22. Sorry m8 no offense. I really feel for bhuk and want to give him an honest opinion. I think he has been through hell, and hes clearly out of it now (and deservadly so). The last thing i would want to do is say a negative comment to him, but i believe in honesty when it comes to these things (not that i said anything negative anyway). The Dr has worked wonders on him and i hope he (bhuk) is delighted with it, i know i would be. BHUK i am very, very sorry if you did not like me saying that, i just wanted to give my honest opinion, and the only reason i said it m8 is because i was examining it in detail, which no-one else who doesn't know its a ht would anyway, i am sorry. good luck.
  23. The guy is 5 1 /2 months post op from a hardcore repair session, what do you expect?? Alec Baldwin Duh, no, im just saying my opinion, is that not allowed? Thats the point of forums isn't it? You make it sound like im having a dig at BHUK, i understand what the guy has been through, i have been through s&^% myself but im not going to lie. I would imagine BHUK would want an honest opinion, i know i would.
  24. BHUK you have had a s&*^ bad deal when it comes to HT in the past, hopefully now m8 you can put it behind you. It does look a lot better. Personally i still can see the nobel pubes a bit picture#4, please dont take offence by this, its just after seeing the before pics, you kind of stare to try and find them, but as the above comments say, to someone walking down the street you would never know. Personally i think it looks awesome, 1000 times better and after the s%^& you have been through pal you deserve it. I think i speak for us all on the forum when i say i am really pleased for you, good luck with it
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