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  1. I think your post was a little rude Hairless - I have no problem with Jaym posting his opinions on here, and I think he raises some valid points. Everybody is different and everybody has different opinions, Jaym comes on here to express his but at least he is polite when he does it.


    you keep say that we all think rogewrs is good but actually noone here who nows there stuff does so stop saying it as yourlining some one up faor a fall <_< it is like sayiong this buket is the best one coz its got fewer holes in it.... rogers is not good end of story as proved many times

    Don't speak for everybody on this forum. I have had plenty of experience with hair transplants and I haven't condemned Dr Rogers yet. Yes, there is a post on here that isn't very encouraging, but I'm sure you've probably preached the 'everybody grows at different time scales' line for a Dr Feller patient, so why do you feel the need to make up your mind on Dr Rogers after six months. Perhaps you could justify your comment that Dr Rogers has been proven many times not to be a good surgeon - where is this proof?


    I respect you have your own opinions, and I respect your right to express them, but don't be rude to someone in the process, and don't speak for everybody when you have no right to.

    Cheers shaft, you are spot on. I dont really mind people being a bit rude if thats the right word, i can understand people not liking my views, but that is all they are, my views. I dont care about doctors and money etc., what i do care about is the same as everyone else on the forums, other men/young men who are loosing their hair, and i hate the thought of anybody else letting some clinics do to them what i have had done. I am trying to be polite about my views. I have never said in a post that nobody should get a ht, all i am saying is that there is lots of good and bad points to think about, most importantly, which surgeon to go to. As for the comment about me lining someone up for a fall, i cant think how i have even remotely done this in any way? cheers shaft.

  2. jaym why are you on these fourms then if you think the best thing to do is just shave of your hair :huh: obviously if someone were to get cancer and need cemo i think the scar on there head would be the least of ther worries dont you


    you keep say that we all think rogewrs is good but actually noone here who nows there stuff does so stop saying it as yourlining some one up faor a fall <_< it is like sayiong this buket is the best one coz its got fewer holes in it.... rogers is not good end of story as proved many times

    you have been burnt and burnt bad by uk butchers that doesnt mean ht is the wrong way to go for the right person and thats why yopu need to go to a very good doctor one who you can trust and who has reputation for excelllent work timt and time and time and time and time and time and time agian ;)

    Theres reasons i feel this way about it. For one i have never in my life seen a even remotely convincing ht (saying that ive only seen them from the clinics i have visited) Secondly, i dont see the harm in potential ht patients exploring their options to get a different view point (mine) rather than just being told "hair transplants are superb and give you confidence" etc., thirdly i did not mean that everyone here says Dr. Rogers is good, i just get the impression from various comments that he is considered the best in the uk (which he probably is) but looking at belkins ht...well...its not exactly good, almost comparable to Tom Norton himself. I want to help people. I have spent many £1000's on wigs, ht's, potions etc., all to end up where i am now, bald and scarred...i am not the first and i will not be the last. It would be great to know if just one person has viewed my story and tried shaving it off and realised its not that big a deal, it is only hair. I also on my posts say that if somebody is serious about a ht to go to the best i.e., Dr. Feller or at least america, but i think people need to be 100% certain of what happens to them. There is no councilling etc., for somebody (which i think there should be by law) to warn them that they "may" be less than 100% satisfied, and that they "may" not actually like having scars all over their scalp. I have read stories and met people who have had a ht and felt suicidal almost immediately and thought "what the hell have i done". Results of guys on this site speak for themselves...spex, PB etc etc., but this is not the case ALL the time. I reaslied my comments would not be popular, and the comment about the chemotherapy, true you would be more worried naturally about the treatment, BUT already being sensitive enough about something as simple as natural hairloss to have surgery, then surely having all your hair fall out to expose these scars would make a horrible situation worse?

  3. Workin now spex thx, is that all of it ? hopefully the programe will run again soon on bbc3.

    I think its back on again on tuesday night m8 (BBC 3) Dr. Feller seems a honest guy, saying that if he does a ht on this man it may not work. I cant see a surgeon over here admitting that <_< I think there is lots and lots of negative points about ht in general. Imagine having a ht then getting alopecia and all scars are exposed, or needing chemotherapy etc., or you get a ht and you loose the rest rapidly and have no donor left. I just think maybe even though some people hate the idea, the only realistic option is to shave it off... :ph34r: Sorry if ive upset anyone by saying this thats not what im trying to do...to be honest its just this topic about the guy who went to Dr. Rogers (the only good surgeon in the uk everyone agrees) and got results as poor as he has (belkin), has got me questioning it all, that on top of my experiences.

  4. The hairs that are growing are still very short, suggesting that even they have only just sprouted.

    If you see this quote Dr. Rogers then listen to what belkin said: "I have cut some of the transplanted hairs short (hence how it looks in the pics) just because it looks a bit sillywith them long." this suggests that they have been growing for a while rather than just sprouting, and the hairs do look thick and healthy, just very sparse and different to his natural hair. I guess the next 6 months will tell a lot. What will you do if its the same (ish) in 6 months?

  5. concluded that in the end you just have to accept things and shave it all off.

    Well this is the cheapest way, and you dont need to worry about scarring, scabs, waiting and hoping you get good results, worrying about how much donor you have left, hiding under caps. It is realistically the only way to ever be free from it. Also the FACT is that nobody really looks twice at a bald man anymore (in a negative way) but IMO if you have a HT which is anything less than perfect, everyone will stare, and if you ask the average woman if she would sooner be with a bald man or a man with a HT, what would the answer be? Im guessing the same answer every time. Just my opinion after my experiences...saying that ive not exactly ever been to the best :angry:

  6. The scum bags sent me a crappy bit of paper with there new Special Offers on it today! and FUE!! :angry:


    The same guy is still sending these out ALAN FOSTER! This guy had the worst dolls hair i had ever seen 11 years ago! and he's still there now! Before I blow a blood vessel here's there letter they sent me! :ph34r:


    IPB Image

    I think think piece of paper would have been more appropriate BH, if you can spot the difference (u need to look really closely at attachment) ;)


  7. It is sad to be the recipient of poor yield and this is predominately down to the surgeon who needs to be held responsible. They will duck and dive to avoid responsibility though and blame it on you the patient <_<

    Absolutely spot on hope...you can praise and praise surgeons all you want, but when you are unhappy with their work, they will attack you, turn everyone against you and actually blame you, so in turn will everyone else. You really need to be careful and choose your words wisely. BTW belkin, £5000 is an insane amount of money for your work :o I and im sure everybody else awaits Dr Rogers response eagerly, now we will find out if there is a uk surgeon who cares about the patients hapiness.

  8. JAYM - really sorry about your story.

    your have been through alot and honestly saying I dont know how I coud have coped!

    you seem very stong minded and I wish u loadza happiness and sucess you have been frew alot!

    I am 24 yrs old and very stresst about my hair loss to the point that it afects my confidence in a massive way!

    your right about the whol thing about people dont care ne more about if you got hair or not but the ting is my hair is wot makes me feel good about ma self which is why I made a huge decission about going for a HT- I am not booked with anybody I am still doing research on who is the best!

    Cheers (dude), very nice of you to say. I just hope you go to the best. You are clearly serious about this, and if it bothers you that much HT should be your best option, but you really need to choose a surgeon wisely, do not under any circumstances go to a uk clinic, no matter what advertising and celebrities they use, travel and go to the best, i wish you all the luck in the world m8, take care.

  9. Since Im not very "pushy" about encouraging patients posting their photos, I am very grateful to this patient allowing me to take and show these close up photos.

    It features 1000 FUE just into the temples immediately on completion.

    Hopefully, it shows good density is possible with FUE and demonstrates the deliberate effect of randomness along the hairline. We tend not to clean up the area too much as I think it is best to leave the grafts as undisturbed as possible.

    Dr Rogers i think it only fair to bring this topic up again as the patient is clearly unhappy about it and hopefully you will respond and reassure him after all he is your patient, and its the patient what really matters (i think we all agree on this, well most of us) ;) .

  10. Hi Belkin, same as everyone else i hate to say a negative comment but that is a very dissapointing result, and that costs £5000? There may still be more growth to come but for this amount of time i dont think it looks very promising. You can actually count the individual hairs and there is not a tenth of a thousand there :blink: . Also the texture, direction and even colour look different to your natural hair. I too think Dr. Rogers should come and add a comment, maybe just to put the patients minds at rest??. Sorry for the negative comments, i know how it feels to be very dissapointed, but it is best to be honest even though it may not be what you want to hear. Good luck and i hope you work something out...or there is about 950 hairs bursting to get through very, very soon. Take care m8. BTW, i dont think you actually needed (from your pictures) a HT in the first place, it just looked like a mature hairline. Did Dr Rogers not advise other treatments first?

  11. I think you made the right choice getting a HT Azza. Even though my hair loss wasn't as bad as yours, the hairloss I had at 19/20 ruined my life and changed my personality. I think the hair you got now will enable you to enjoy your youth. Good growth to you! :D

    Your right PB. I keep advising against it but at the age of 17 i would have done anything to have more hair, it was a massive part of my life and did take away my confidence. If i had never had any surgery and was sat here bald i guess i would get a HT, the reason i have my view (and want to be bald) is because of all the butcherings etc., which have made a bad situation worse, and has made me sick of thinking about it and loose all faith in the hair transplant industry (after trusting different clinics and ending up worse off its difficult to trust ANY), you kind of get this way after a bit. If only i waited and went overseas... :(

  12. azza this may not be a popular comment, but you would have looked cool with a shaved head, having hair as long as you had it just exaggerated the baldness. Still as long as you are happy. Maybe some people just feel they need hair. BTW it looks a very neat job and should look really good when it grows through, but IMO, can understand why you got a ht in the first place? This is not intended to offend you, just a passing comment, and all the best with your new hair :)



    haha...thanks mate....the long hair did not exaggerate the baldness..trust me...like i said, i havent had my hair cut since 7th march (it was a day after my birthday hence y i remember)...when i did have it cut, it was SOOOOOOOOOO clear of my loss...the fact that my hair texture is really good and density average is what may have shown it.


    but anywayz, thanks for the comment, i will b trimming down the rest of my hair before jetting back to the UK on the 20th!

    azza what i meant was, if it was short, very short ie. a number zero, you would not even be able to tell you was going bald (infact you would have probably looked cool)...especially with you having dark skin. Still Dr. Rahal has clearly dont a awesome job on you and i am really glad you are pleased with it...you have gone to a top doc, congratulations m8. Roll on 6 months i guess :)

  13. azza this may not be a popular comment, but you would have looked cool with a shaved head, having hair as long as you had it just exaggerated the baldness. Still as long as you are happy. Maybe some people just feel they need hair. BTW it looks a very neat job and should look really good when it grows through, but IMO, can understand why you got a ht in the first place? This is not intended to offend you, just a passing comment, and all the best with your new hair :)

  14. Sam, I agree with the others about Spex - see Spex for an honest opinion - he's not a salesman and he won't be pushing a HT on you - he'll give you honest expert advice. It's always better if you can read through the posts here first as you'll be in a better position to ask questions after that.


    I don't blame jaym for his opinion, I would probably feel the same had I been through the butcherings he has been through. Jaym was unfortunate in that he went to the worst of the wort in the UK and got ripped off, lied to and butchered. A hair transplant with one of the North American "top docs" is a completely different thing though. The butchers in the UK are actually charging more than the US top surgeons are and with the exchange rate as it is at the moment, it works out cheaper to go to the US and get a first class HT Hollywood stars are getting than get a butchering in the UK.

    Cheers PB and your absolutely right, that is why i have the view i have. I have only ever seen people with HT from the clinics i have been to and IMO they are all apalling and stick out like a sore thumb. Clearly other surgeons can get dramatically different results. Congrats on your new one aswell PB, should thicken up nicely :)

  15. Hi sam/dudenextdoor. From my experiences, i would say do not get a hair transplant. I have had numerous butcherings, some of them a while ago. I dont know how old you are but i started loosing my hair at 16, got my 1st ht at ...17...by...NORTON, Tom himself! Needles to say the results were horiffic, ive also went to Regency crown, and another which i am not allowed to mention with far from acceptable results. Now i am sat here with a shaved head, scarred, dented and almost bald...do i want hair??? No i dont. I want to be bald. After spending £1000's, on wigs, ht's, finasteride, supposed "soap" what stops you going bald (yeah i know) i actually do not want any hair. If you are serious about a ht, then you really have to meet spex. People in the ht world speak very, very highly of him...and Dr. Feller, among others - Dr. Rahal, and in the UK, Dr. Rogers i think most will agree is the only realistic option. Otherwise dude, think very, very carefully about the FACTS...does anybody stare at a man because he is bald...no, more and more are these days. The thing that gets you so paranoid about it is when you first start receeding and see all these websites (for example the H******* *****, norton clinic etc...) claiming that having no hair means you are in some way "wierd" or different and even inferior to "normal" people with hair...if you think long and hard about this question "what purpose does hair actually serve me?" you will realise it does nothing, and if you do get a ht, you will be thinking about your hair, or lack of it, for the rest of your life, you will never be free. This is just my opinion though, ht has come a long way apparently, and if you are serious you have come to the right place. Other members of this forum, please dont attack me for my comments, its just my view after the ca@p i have been through...and sam having said all that, the results of the guys on this forum do speak for themselves. Maybe you shouldn't take too much notice of me, i am a victim of a horror story. Do yourself a favour though, do research and go to the best surgeon you can find. Good luck m8.

  16. If you click on this link: http://www.thehospitalgroup.org/HairGregsStory.aspx and read "greg's story", it actually states (under "its about being me again") "if i shave my head its because i want to, not because i am hiding something", if you read it properly, he or they are actually claiming that AFTER a HT performed by them, you can still shave your head? Does anyoine know anything about them, and how can this be true? :huh: Also i dont know if anyone else agrees but this is probably the most annoying website i have ever seen in my life...the old man in the car pretending to look cool (because hes had a hair transplant and now all his problems are over forever), its so pathetic it actually made me laugh, the part saying how he used to hate peoples eyes wandering up to see his thinning hair...is there not more chance of eyes wandering up to see a dodgy HT rather that thinning hair, its just designed to make you even more paranoid about balding, whereas in reality, nobody bats an eyelid anymore if your loosing your hair...BECAUSE ITS NATURAL. I just think its a joke.

  17. (who disfigured me by using strip to minigraft about 200 pubes on my forehead and temples about 18 months ago)

    I take it Norton trained Dr. Hartley? Its just where you said 200 "pubes" in the hair-line...it seems they share that in common, for some reason the hairline seems like pubic hair...i too am living proof of that, thing is mine were done years ago, to disfigure you (slaps) this way recently is shocking, how the hell do these people get away with it? Sorry youve gone through this m8. Dr. Rogers, slaps is absolutely right about this Dr. Hartley, if its not true i would get onto this clonemyhair.com and sort it out, this could give a bad reputation. Sorry to continue the thread, only you seem one of the very few honest Dr's out there, and it would be a shame for others to pick up on this, all the best.

  18. I've been asked by some of my HT colleagues to clarify some comments I've made as they felt that it could be interpreted to be critical of them, in particular:

    "I've been trying to improve standards in the UK but no one listens."

    I'm sure my colleagues are not indifferent to evolving standards and indeed are very concerned about this.

    I wasn't referring to my colleagues when I made this comment.


    I was in fact talking about the lack of a mechanism to improve standards. As readers of this forum are aware, there have been unhappy outcomes for certain patients and it was a result of seeing a number of these patients, that I felt something had to be done.


    Legally, I cannot divulge any further information nor comment further, suffice to say that I contacted the Healthcare Commission, the GMC and the police, but unfortunately, they did not have a remit in these cases as such and were unable to help. As an ethical doctor, I found this very frustrating and failed to make clear in the post, that it wasn't the BAHRS members I was talking about.

    So you are apologising for voicing your opinion? Dr Rogers, if in your opinion the UK does need to improve, IMO i really dont think you should apologise...the clinics, or your colleagues who have all got defensive about this remark, clearly know who they are, and must be lacking behind to know you are reffering to them anyway. I think anybody who has undergone treatment, and even moreso somebody such as yourself - a surgeon - should be able voice whatever concerns they have about treatment. Can these clinics not see that MAYBE the comment you made was simply you saying people are still even these days having poor results and something needs to be done about it (maybe this proves you care)? If you did not refer to a particular clinic in your comment, the clinic/s who have complained must feel they are inferior to yourself, by guessing it is them you are reffering to. Unfortunately though, (negative) freedom of speech is not allowed, unless of course its positive then you can say what you like. Good on you for voicing your opinion anyway, IMO this shows you are interested in patients happines, rather than just £££'s.

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