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  1. Jaym,

    Noone wants you to stop posting mate! - you have had very bad experiences with HT's with BAD clinics <_< - There are good ethical clinics out there that perform life changing HT's for the better as can be seen by the many testimonies on various forums. The standard of the TOP clinics is far superior now to anything you have had performed in the past so you are obviously going to feel bitter towards the clinics that performed your HT'S and HT's in general - They have caused you nothing but pain - Its such a shame you were treated so poorly initially with your HT'S and that you didn't go to an ethical clinic as your story would have been a great deal different now i feel. People like Stevo have been lucky and got it right first time round :) He has no beef - he's a top guy B)

    We are all on the same team here bud! You are a valued poster on this forum!!! Keep posting as you have a great deal of experience with HT'S - not good HT's but nevertheless a great deal of experience ;)

    Cheers for the kind words spex, and i do know you are right, results have come on in leaps and bounds since my days. And thanks for saying im a valued poster on the forum. I just wish all them years ago there was a guy around as honsest as you are to advise me, but all i had was a salesman at transform (when norton was there :angry: ). I dont want to p*** anyone off of even put anyone off getting a HT, i am all for it if it is by a good surgeon, only there is STILL poor ones out there, maybe one day a patient will read my story and think "maybe i should not go to the UK and get a proper job done", and then there will have been a point in me posting messages. I may never have another HT, one day i may, but after all the s*** it is really difficult to trust anybody, but the last thing i want to do is put anyone off getting a proper job done.

  2. i have been bullied into stop writing into the other one because i have shared my negative experiences and it was not liked. But i will not again, sorry :) . If anybody else does not like my comments please feel free to ignore them aswell ;) .

    Steady on mate I was only asking a question :)


    Good luck

    Sorry i just got defensive because of a message i got from the other forum owner who did not like the fact that i was unhappy about one of his "recommended surgoens" work which i had :) , and basically told to p*** *** from his forum, not in them exact words but thats what he meant. Good luck to you too.

  3. Jaym im truly sorry about all the trouble you have had but if going bald doesn’t bother you then why bother coming onto these forums.

    Its not that it doesn't bother me (it does), more that i have give up with hair transplants and i come on the forums so people konw that its not all as nicey-nicey as you are led to believe. Its also freedom of speech, and a massive life changing decision. I dont agree with hair transplants, even sometimes modern day ones...look at the last Dr. Rogers patient poster who has results like that in this day and age. If you dont like my comments please ignore or dont read them, i dont expect them to be popular on a website with everyone praising them, but the fact is there is a negative side to them and from experience i would love to turn the clock back many years and hear an objective view point about them, then i would think twice about it...maybe me coming on here will do the same for another young man before he lives to regret it. I will not stop writing to the forum, i have been bullied into stop writing into the other one because i have shared my negative experiences and it was not liked. But i will not again, sorry :) . If anybody else does not like my comments please feel free to ignore them aswell ;) .

  4. Jim's is a bit like Nicolas cage's ht, anyone know who did his? Does no-one get this frechet reduction anymore? I thought that was supposed to make the bald crown smaller? The thing is, once you accept that you are going bald (like me) you can sit there touching it (the bald patch) and not care about it, does it really matter :huh: ? When i was younger i was obsessed with my hair, and the thought of going bald was sickeningly horrible and the end of the world, having gone down the HT route (albeit with bad results) I have grown to realise it is only hair, who needs it, and if that is what nature intended why mess with it? If i did not mess with it i would be sat here now with a shaved bald head rather that a shaved bald badly scarred head (and with a lot more money) (these are just my views, no offence to anyone intended). Stevo i hope you are happy with your crown after your next surgery m8 :) .

  5. BH i think its looking a lot better m8, also ifyou look at this link: http://www.hassonandwong.com/hair-transpla...th_timeline.php it says at the bottom: "By the time a full year has passed since the procedure the patient will see the final result however improvements may still be seen well over a year out from the surgery.", so you should continue improving over the next several months. I am really happy that you are feeling better you deserve it, all the best BH. Also i think it looks good short, you can get away with this style looking at the pictures.

  6. I would imagine surely (as saf said) its up to the patient rather than the doctor? The patient is the one paying and the doctor will do what the patient wants otherwise whats the point? I also would imagine it a bit strange if a doctor would sooner fill the front 3rd and leave the rest bald it would look odd from th top/back.

  7. Hi mate - looks good! Still a little scabby - Apply some Aloe vera gel to the recipient and donor areas. Also wash a little more firmly in the shower now to remove the scabs. Rest assured you will not harm the grafts but you will remove the remaining scabs which will help!


    Look at PB's recent 10 days post op - clean as a whistle B)

    I think its really good spex advises non-Dr. Feller patients aswell, shows what a honest guy he is, theres not many out there <_<

  8. I am not going to name names as its not my place but i can say one thing for sure after much research and actually meeting 3 so called good clinics in the UK i can honestly say i agree with the many experienced posters here that you need to travel to US or Canada to get the best surgeons in the world perform on you in an appropriate way.

    I think you should name names to warn other hairloss sufferers, that way they (hopefully) wont make the same mistake you could have made. If you care (which you clearly do) about fellow sufferers please tell us the clinics, cheers and im glad you were happy with Dr. Feller :)

  9. the second was at the fargo clinic I did not get to speak to the surgeon because of that danm assistant

    ne wayz he claimed fargo is also one of the best in the world .. this left me even more confused!!

    I thot how are these docs claiming they are the best .. IN THE WORLD! I mean do I have just trust them and take a risk or wot? I saw hundreds of pics but no real people..

    Dude, elton john's HT f*&^%d up which is why he wears a wig now, and as for the above, well it speaks for itself. You should trust patients, not people trying to sell you a hair transplant ;) They are bound to tell you they are the best, they would have no customers if they said they are not the best. The best are overseas, that is what the patients say so it is reality. Good luck m8.

  10. I need to add shampoo to make it come off. Maybe you're not applying it correctly or putting it on to thickly.

    When i used it, i followed the instructions to the letter. Basically, if i went out in the rain/sweated or any kind of wetness what-so-ever, it ran, having said that, if it all ran off, then i shampooed it a load more came off. Im glad it works on you saf but i just felt my scalp was dirty...my wife takes the p*** (now i dont use it) and says i used to "paint my head" :angry: She also now tells me that if she was behind me, she could see lumps of it if i slept with it (i used it for months without knowing this :angry: ). As for the fibres, i used to find the same as saf...they come out like dust. Pain in the a*** having to keep hinting at the wife to get a brown duvet and pillow case though...and sleeping without the crown of my head touching the pillow. Spex mentioned couvre, which i used for a LONG time...similar to dermatch but (probably) better and doesn't run as easily...again ok for thinning hair. I would sooner have thin hair though than ANY of these, Once you are using them (and continue balding) you feel stuck and like its almost impossible to go outside without it.

  11. Hi guys,


    I've used toppik before and I found it quite good. So recently, because Nanogen fibres are plastered all over the internet, I ordered some, thinking it they will be better than toppik....but I was thoroughly dissappointed!!


    Basically, whilst the toppik fibres came out of the container as single fibres, so could be hidden in amongst the HT hair, the nanofibres come out all clumped together, and are too heavy sofall through the hair onto the scalp and I end up up with black dots on my head the size of the holes on the container. I've tried shaking the container to break up the fibres, but no go!!


    I've been the the HLH website and seen someone at only 3.5 months, with far less growth than me (4.5 months) able to look really good with dermatch. A massive difference between dermatch and no dermatch.


    This got me thinking, in your opinion, which is the best concealer for post HT? I want to try dermatch now, but I'd rather not waste my money, like I did with nanofibres!!


    All comments, views and advice welcome.





    Sagg if your thinking of dermatch dont bother m8. If it gets even slightly wet it runs down your face. I did not know this until i was walking outside in a shower and the (brown) crap started going all over my face/neck/clothes. If you use topik/nanogen it gets all over your pillow/t-shirt, and same again you cant really get it wet. From my experience dermatch is the best, but only over slightly thinning hair (not bald patches) as long as you are prepared to never, ever let it get wet...or even sweat for that matter. I hope you find what you want :)

  12. well i am not going to mention rogers anymore so hopefully that will make things easier i havenot seen any good work from him and after a few year of asking hiim to show pictures and his patients there is still hardly anything to make me even recommed him to guys theat cannot travel even his poster cater will not show pics of his 1800 result <_<


    he is about the only dr in the uk but so far no results at all that would convince me to recommend him

    could you .. :huh:


    i think we have cross wires here


    anyone that can travel and has researched would not go to a uk clinic and i think we can all agree on that :)


    i am not here to argue just help and i am sorry if i offended anyone


    not to go on shaft but i think if a feller or other top dr put 6 months fue pics up like that there would be an outcry...dont you <_< there manywell be support here for feller patients but if that was a feller result i would say exact the same <_<

    Hmmm, now you have explained i can see where your coming from. BUT at least he is trying, he is replying to criticism when he could just ignore it, or even attack the patient (as im sure literally ALL uk surgeons would when their work is criticised), AND he has shared pictures of his own HT (but if these results are as bad as belkin (so far) then he should not be recommended)). IMO from what i have read and heard he seems a very good doc, still like you say (even after you had a go at me) i agree there is no pictures to back it up. I hope his ht (rogers) and belkins turn out good, good luck to them both.

  13. Hi if anyone has that documentary on their computer, can they please upload it? You can actually split it very easily with winzip (or another compressor) and then share each part with Rapidshare so guys can download each part and then get the whole show ;).


    I don't have freeview but from the short clip Spex posted, it looks like the shows done in a very humerous and comical way. Was it an hr long?

    bal, that documentary is repeated of BBC3 on tuesday morning at 2:55am, either that or wednesday morning, i found it on freeview guide :)

  14. sotrry for being rude :unsure: shaft run a search on haggis onhlh \


    yeah it was a few years ago out he not happy at all <_< and its his opinion that matters most



    and another guy who sadi he had a huge sacr from rogers his name is chrome


    his quote\

    All my donor has been used up by 3 or 4 more HT's over the years. The worst strip being the one being Dr Rogers who gave me an ear-to-ear strip scar, around 5-6mm wide for only 400 grafts costing 1,700 pounds !! Totally devastated my donor hair and left me with a horrific scar that ensures i can't swim during the daytime and genuinely fear trips to the barbers as they often comment in front of others waiting to have their hair cut :0(


    can you show me just 10 results from rogers that would make you want to go to him


    sorry jaym for being rude :( sorry to offend anyone :(

    No worries m8, i have different views to most and i just want to help others, thanks for the message.


  15. Hi carter, it is up to you if you want to post pictures, not the doctor. People on this forum (e.g PB the most recent) posts pics just after, and a few days after, and so-on, as does everyone else. If you had this 18 months ago and 5 months ago it would be good to see how its looking. We all (well most of us) agree that Dr. Rogers seems to be the only realistic option in the uk as we have not seen any bad results...but no good ones either, except for belkin and them results speak for themselves. It would be good to see your pictures and after 18 then 5 months i would be suprised if Dr. Rogers has a problem with it...after all its your scalp. Good luck m8 and i hope you are happy with it, thats the main thing.

  16. I truly believe that Dr Rogers is not a con-artist. I believe this as he does post on here, he does answer questions, he has started documenting patients and he has had an operation himself by his own people (can't remember Dr... I mean Mr Norton doing this).

    Like I said, I do believe that Dr Rogers is the only ethical surgeon in the UK and I really hope that time will prove this.

    Absolutely. I think it really good Dr. Rogers comes on here and posts about this patient, it does show he cares, rather that signing in under another name and having a dig at him (as has happened on this forum by other doctors). Still where Dr. Rogers said "I would feel dreadful if this stays like this. But, I have seen this before, I wouldn't stake my reputation, if in time, I don't expect it to sort itself out." I wonder what Dr. Rogers would do (with this patient) in this scenario? Also i think it would be really good as shaft hinted if Norton himself came onto the forums (or one of his representatives) to listen and answer comments. i wonder what the chances of that are?


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