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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/1506458.stm You have to see this, i rest my case.
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    I guess its one of 3, maybe more, either way i think the message is clear to everyone that reads these forums, DONT GO TO ANY IN THE UK.
  3. This is just my opinion. Propecia does absolutely nothing EXCEPT make you crap in bed and grow small breasts, which go when you stop using it, in theory if you think about it they stop you r male hormone slightly, by pi**ing about with testosterone etc...think about transplants...by the time your 30ish you may have a horseshoe of hair round your head, which will receed and receed, to only several inches round your head. How can anybody remove this tiny bit of hair and cover your entire head, and still have some left on back/sides, and what about when you receed below the donor scars (removed hairs). You should contact spex, this is just the opinion of a mug (me) who fell for lies over and over at the expense of a butcher called to norton (aka help my hair). Good luck, everyone says talk 2 spex, that is what you should do.
  4. Head doctor? I need my dolls hair sorting out, WTF? Where does all your message come from it dont make sense??? I think maybe YOU need the head doctor, im not mentally ill, just f@@@@@ off with being conned and make to look like a doll, can you see?
  5. Cheers 4 the detailed advice spex, i will seriously consider it...thanks. Cheers 4 the detailed advice spex, i am glad you are now happy...thanks...
  6. Aren't you a bit confused mate? Dr Ashcroft will prescribe you Proscar, these are the 5mg Finasteride tablets you cut into fifths. Propecia is the 1mg Finasteride tablet you don't cut up. Sorry you didn't see any benefit from Fin. I guess you're just one of the unlucky 20% - the drug does work for most men. No im not confused mate, the point im making is if you get a prescription for 5mg finasteride, it works out (a lot) cheaper doing this and cutting it into 5 pieces than buying the 1mg tablets. And i would be AMAZED if this tablet worked for 80% of people, i would be surprised if it worked on 8%, sure it will make you impotent and grow "man boobs" but im not convinced it will make your hair grow back!
  7. I can see im not very popular in these forums! Im not trying to upset anyone, just voicing my opinion. Im sure america is a lot better then uk, i just cant understand if they are so good, why dont the uk adopt some of their techniques? I am also very pleased all you guys are happy with your work, please dont get me wrong, maybe im on the wrong website only ive yet to meet anybody in person who even remotely likes them. I guess some baldies do look like theyve had chemotherapy, but that sounds a bit nasty maybe to people with cancer and people with shaved heads? I guess weve all got our own views...
  8. Points taken! I do understand what you all mean, its just that when i was 17 all that mattered to me was my hair, if i had the choice now i would rather be bald than have the best hair transplant in the world for free, the point i am trying to make is that you may change your mind eventually like i did, a HT is not reversible, after 1 treatment it is too late. When i was told i was balding by a trichologist i wanted to die, so i know how you all feel, now i want to be bald, theres is many, many others too. Recently saw someone from the back in town with a shaved head covered in circle scars, i guess he changed his mind aswell. For some people HT is not the answer, it can make things worse...for some such as you people thankfully i guess not, good luck.
  9. Upon reading through these forums, I just want to say to anyone considering a HT has to THINK. At the end of the day, you WILL have scars on your head, and if the day ever comes and you want to shave your head, YOU CANT, as you will have very large donor scars. In my experience, everyone i have MET (not on the forums) face to face, has said they would give anything to be able to shave it off and forget about it. I always thought i never would feel this, but i would pay £1000's to be able to. It would be nice to think i could make somebody, just one person change their mind. Being bald doesn't matter anymore. I just asked my wife if she would rather me be bald or have a good HT, she looked at me, smiled and said "you already know, i hate hair transplants", and shes not just talking about bad ones. All the guys on this site are happy with them, which is brilliant, but a lot of people aren't. If you pass a bald man on the street, you dont bat an eye-lid. Just PLEASE understand what it is like to be a man and know you CANNOT shave your head no matter what, this and the fact that you receed beyond the grafts, and consider how can a couple of inches of hair around your head (horseshoe shape) cover your entire head? I just find it strange and cant get my head around this, think about it, but most try and think of the frustration of never being able to shave it off, it is sickening. Try the following link and click on the thumb nails to see what i mean... http://www.wolfhair.com/results/scars.shtml you may need to copy and paste it, good luck...
  10. Impressive difference, i hate Norton. Mine is very, very similar to yours before, except ive bigger gaps between them, i hate them and im going to shave them to zero and see how i feel, soon, as soon as i get the balls to...you could pass for morriseys twin...
  11. Cheers PB, im not saying anything negative about US and Canada, just UK, you would expect a top surgeon from over there to see a market over here and work in the UK, maybe one day...
  12. Hi, are these genuine hair transplants? It's just ive seen many, many people who have had them done, but never one even remotely like any of them! All the brochures at the clinics show pictures almost identical, but reality seems far from that, i mean how can you take the donor hair from a head which in reality is only a very small amount, and redistribute it to give a head of hair like that? If you look at pic no.12, you cant even see any scarring what-so-ever. Ive had really negative experiences from it (HT) myself, its just ive seen pics like these hundreds of times, but never seen one in real life. Sorry if im offending some people, i just think its only fair to tell people the truth that every clinic in the uk shows pictures like these that they claim to have done, but when you come out you look like a human doll. Maybe its just the clinics ive visited, but it seems too much of a coincidence. I apologise to anyone who does'nt like what im saying, i just cant think of anything good about hair transplants. My advice to ANYONE thinking of it, you should demand to see several people who have had work done at the clinic, and run a comb through their hair, then decide! Good luck...
  13. I put my 1st message on yesterday and got loads of replies, this site is excellent, loads ofd friendly, helpful people, but a few have said my message may be removed coz ive mentioned clinics. I think this is wrong as people need to be warned, and to all you clinics who may not like the messages, think about this...I (we) have given you thousands of £'s and in return you have ruined our lives, at least let us say our opinion! Thanks to everyone who replied to me and good luck to you all...
  14. Cheers, will do that now, i didnt know where to complain. Can i just say ive just seen your pictures and they do look impressive, good news that your happy with them...well done, good to hear a happy story!
  15. hi, please feel free to contact me ive wrote my experiences down in a topic today. Hair transplants are s*&?, so is every other "cure".
  16. Hi, i used finasteride for 18 months, did absolutely nothing, except after the 18 month when i decided to stop them, i got 2 mirrors and realised id lost loads at the crown, in my experience they dont work. I can give you some good advice though. Go to the doctors and ask him to prescribe you finasteride, you will have to pay for the prescription, but rather than getting single tablets of proscar you get the finasteride, and you cut it into 5 pieces yourself, you will save a fortune, good luck, but they dont appear to do ANYTHING!
  17. Jackwhite, i have been thinning since 17, tried 3 transplants, wigs, propecia etc., and now in 35, i would pay £100's to be able to shave it off. Its more trouble than its worth, who needs hair, and propecia play with your hormones, is it really worth being literally impotent on the hope that it "may" make you stop balding as fast? These days nobody bats an eye lid at a bald man, it doesnt matter anymore. All the best.
  18. Hi everyone. I am new here and want to share my s@@@ experience. I am 35, started going thin at 17, and a trichologist told me ive got "male pattern balding", i was 17 and i sh*t myself, i needed hair, so i rushed to "growth hair clinic" who told me they will attach a transparent piece of "silicone" to my temples with hair which seems to grow directly from the scalp. Being young and stupid, i paid £1000 for this. On fitting it was a WIG, held on to my head with pieces of metal. I went out that night and everyone was looking at it. I went home in tears, looked in the mirror and ripped it off, half my hair came off with it, and my scalp was bleeding but i was s glad to get the f@*%i?g thing off. I went back to see them, he sent me to see a hair transplant surgeon (with not even a partial refund). He sent me to see someone you may all know...Thomas Norton at Transform. The guy i saw before him said "Tom wont do it, you may be able to find a back street one to do it but tom wont, your only 17 and only receeding slightly". 2 Minutes later he walked in "yes i can fill your temples in no problem, you will love the results". So i underwent surgery. F@*& me it hurt. Several months later, i noticed wierd plugs of dolls hair growing on my head, i honestly didnt know what they were. Then because my donor area swelling settled, i shaved it (as i liked the back/sides shaved) went to work and my friends were saying "what the f*&? is tha on the back of your head?". When i got home i looked in the mirror and saw an almighty tram line on the back of my head. I thought my life was over. I grew it back. A few years later after receeding more, i had no option but to do something about this so i went to a place called Regency crown in manchester. They told me the same thing "we will disguise this atrocity and you will love the results". I had 2 transplants there, both times i had my head bandaged for a few days. After the second time, i noticed the treated areas were raised, kind of slightly raised bumps, i also noticed that the donor areas were circles (scarring) where they punched the hairs out. "oh s*&?" i thought and my stomach turned "what the f*&? have i done?". For a few years i plodded on, getting occasional thoughts of "i wish i had the courage to end my life" (may seem extreme but it knocked all the happiness/confidence out of me). Then i got a letter from Tom Nortons helper, cant remember his name, saying "How are things! Tom has now got his own clinic, hes so sucessfull and now offers advanced "1 hair at a time" technology to disguise "dolls hair plugs"". At last i thought! Maybe one day i will be happy. Me being the complete d*&? head i am went to see him (i was now 22ish). He told me all the usual crap as before but was really, really convincing, and even apologised for the first time saying it has come a long way since then. I agreed to undergo more surgery, please bear in mind that i just had transplants at the temples and still had my own hair everywhere else. He cut a gigantic strip from the bottom of the back of my scalp, literally millimetres from my neck. Then started punching holes from my head. Something seemed wrong, he was punching holes from the front/top rather than the temples, and it seemed low down. This cost me £1600. Several months later and after the absolute AGONY of my donor scar healing, the hairs started to grow, but there was a problem. They were about 8-10mm BELOW my natural hair line, spaced out, in clumps of 4-5 hairs, and i had them all along my hairline, PLUS the added bonus of a huge scar on top of my neck. You can probably imaging how i felt. I then went to Advanced hair studio in manchester, who sold me a wig but claimed it to be "silicone life like" as the other place earlier did. It was literally like a piece of carpet, and the metal used to hold it on made my hair transplants swolen and red, so i ripped that one off aswell, pullung my horrible HT's along with it, so much that my head was pouring with blood. I then sat there and thought "well what the f*&? do i do now?". I ran out of ideas, so i gave up. I worked nights for a lot of years and kept out of the publics way as i felt so s*&?. Ithen met my wife who is fantastic. She supports me immensely, and understands. Next i got on the internet and decided to try one last time, only i decided as im going thinner and thinner i want to shave it off because HAIR TRANSPLANTS RUIN YOUR LIFE. |So i went to a place called "*****" in Manchester. I said i want to shave my head. The man at the consultation told me they will remove the bumps on my temples i previously mentioned, and they will get my scalp looking natural so i can shave it. I explained as im not working ive not much money, £2500 is my familys savings, he explained it will hardly cost me anything, and i wont even need to touch my savings, but it took me almost 2 months of mailing him to get a price. He told me (in an email) £1600 to remove the bumps and £2500 for a very thin covering at the front. This knocked me for six. He promised me it will cost next to nothing, but as he told me it will look so good i underwent the surgery. This was agony to say the least. Just after the surgeon told me the redness will go, as will the bumpiness after a short while, and that i will be left with two 1mm pencil line scars, so small even i will struggle to see them. 10 days later i went back to get the stitches out and saw the man again, he scrunched his face when he saw it and said "within a month the redness/swelling will reduce as will the bumpiness". 3 months later and its bright red, and bumpy as hell, worse than before, and i am upset and very distressed. Thanks for reading this, if anyone wants a more detailed description of any of these clinics, please leave a reply and i will email you about them. I am going to shave my head very, very soon, just need to find the balls to do it, which is what i recommend to everyone. Hair transplants have ruined my life. Im not bothered about the money, just what it has done to me, especially this Farjo one, that man (who also has a poor HT) made out he was a "friend" and "wanted to help"...i fell for it big time, never ever again. I dont weant to call anyone names i just want people to hear my experience and then judge yourself. On these forums which are new to me today, all these clinics have been called in one way or another...also if there is anyone out there who has shaved their head please tell me what it was like after, thanks!!! SORRY THIS MESSAGE IS SO LONG, NEEDED TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST! PLEASE ALSO NOTE I AM NOT DEROGATORISING ANY CLINICS I AM JUST SHARING THE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD. IF ANY CLINIC WANTS ME TO REMOVE/ALTER SOME WORDING I WILL DO SO IMMEDIATELY IF THEY MAIL ME DIRECT.
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