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  1. I think that Fin. is usefull if you research about your hair loss earlyer.If you start taking Fin when you noticed that your hair is thining, then there is a good chance to tickher you hair again and stop the futher hair loss.Also some of the follicles the are not death completly maybe will regrow again if you combine some vitamins with Fin. Personaly I dont think that Fin. can help somebody how is already bald and his follicles are allready death complitly, then you should think about HT. Fin. is usefull if you start taking on time and is the best choice for now to stop the further hair loss.
  2. can you tell me how much is 450quid in euros also guys like I already told you I want a HT just on my temples so how much would cost me....I asking you this because I want to see how much would costs me everything,the HT,airticket,hotel... Thanx a M.Christmas Komplex
  3. and also I want to ask you guys about : www.hdc.com.cy .....does somebody knows is this is a proffesional HT clinic beacuse is very close to my country and if thay did the HT on very high level I will go there,but I dont know because nobody talks about this clinic. and the second thing is to tell me your advice for Dr.Bisanga is he good for HT. Thanx
  4. Ye guys thanx....is easy for you to say Travel but I need visa to go to US and is hard to get it.But I think you have right if I want a HT, the best solution is to go at the best Doctor.Because I want HT just on my temples can somebody tell me how much would cost me a HT at Dr.Feller,and is there is some acomodation from the clinic in NY if I go there?I think I'm gonna call Dr.Feller and ask him to send me a documentation that I need to go in US for surgery and in that case the people from the US ambbasy would give me a visa. Merry Christmas Komplex
  5. Hi guys like I already say in my previous posts I want to do HT on my temples but I living in Macedonia and I would like to go at Dr.Feller clinic but hi is to far from me and probobly the way to go to Dr.Feller is more expensive from to do HT here in Europe.So can somebody tell me is there any Doctor in Europe who is good like Doctor Feller. Merry Christmas to all... Komplex
  6. Hi guys I have the same problem also.So can somebody tell me or advice me who is the best HT Clinic in Europe because I'm from Macedonia and I'm to far from Dr.Feller:))) is there any clinic in Europe who is good like Dr.Feller.
  7. Hi Hairstatic:) I want to ask you how much would me cost a HT at Dr.Bisanga. I want to transplate only on my temples.
  8. Ok Thanx guys I gonna buy Propecia and see what it happens....
  9. Yes you can have side effects whether you use Propecia for one year or for five. It's pot luck whether you get them or not. The clinical studies show that side effects are not hugely widespread (look at the stats in my post above) but some people dispute this. Personally, I've been fine. Remember, any benefit you gain from using the drug only last for as long a you keep taking it - it will have to be a lifelong regime. As many people on this forum have said, the aim with Propecia is to maintain the hair you've got, NOT to grow new hair. If you get new growth consider it to be a big bonus. Thanx Pondle this posts explain some things to me. How long you use Propecia and did you a satisfine.
  10. Thanx guys but like I said I have hair on my head for now and I want to use Propecia like a prevent to safe my hair from hair loss not to regrow I new one.So I want help from you guys, is it worth to use Propecia to safe your hair.Because I dont want to used for a 5 years only for one, so can I have side effects if I used Propecia only 1 year. Thank you
  11. Hi to all people on this forum well probably we all have the same problems and for that reason we are all unique and united. I have 22years and in March 2007 I become a 23years old guy:)) I'm from Macedonia and my proffesion is Electronic Music Producer also like Dj I play on many worldwide festivals till now.......So this is my problem...... For now I have hair on my head but I have big temples and i think that for a couple of years I'm gonna lose my hair at the front side of the head. First of all I write this topic because I want to start use Propecia like a prevent for my Hair Lost but I dont understand the side effects verywell. So please can somebody explain me is the Propecia good for 22-23years old guy how want to stop the hair lost without side effects... Big Thanks to all:)))
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