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  1. Hi guys, I'm four years down line with a harline HT with Dr Feller which I'm delighted with, but I think for the first time I've noticed my new hair and the thinner 'real' hair behind it seems to have gone a fair bit thinner. I've also been on propecia as well for around five years, I don't any of the hair has fallen out at all, just looks way, way thinner. I've read about some guys having 'seasonal shedding', and wonder if that's what's happening? Anyone else encountered anything similar? I've just come off a mega spell of antibiotics, but maybe that's coincidental. cheers in advance.
  2. Hi folks, I'd an HT with Dr Feller in 2008 and had browsed the forums for while, but haven't been posting..just checking all workin ok. Regards.
  3. Hello Fellers, I'm just about 14 weeks post of and have started using minoxidil last seven weeks or so, but just once at night. I know it's prob time to start using the usual twice a day, but my concern is that it will make my hair look even thinner because it's wet and my HT only just starting to take place. Ie, before I go to work each morning. any tips? Would blow drying my hair completely nullify the minox or do what i used to do pre-op...get up an hour early to apply it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Richie, you should get a job for Heat magazine mate..the celeb HT stalker !!! hahah
  5. avidmerrion

    Tim Uk

    Good man. I was in just a few weeks before you, still haven't got round to doing the write up, blame my workload/boss. . glad it went ok. I know from previous threads you were anxious about it mate, so well done. It's really not as bad as everyone says, eh?. Good flight home mate.
  6. thanks mate...doesn't help when your as white/blue as I am.. must be a northern thing. Feller should dish out a bit of St Tropez for us lot!!!! cheers again. Appreciated.
  7. Guys, six weeks out from hairline done with Doc Feller, but still got considerable mingling rednessand haven't started using Minoxidil again (which I've been using for a few years) since my surgery. My concern is that it will aggrevate the existing redness, but I'm also concerned that if I don't use the Minox, I will start to lose the remaining hair I had in the middle of my hair which is just starting to grow past the stubble stage. I know the graft the doc put in around this area will be resistant, but I'm worried about losing any of the hair I already had.. to be clear, the doc shaved off all my hairline, so there's no suggestion of shockless etc. Thakns in advance Avid.
  8. Hi guys, I'm almost a month post of with doc Feller, but my recipient area still pretty red and scar bit itchy. I'm dabbing some Witch Hazel on in the morning with cotton wool and sticking on tonnes of aloe vera to recipient and donor at night. Just want to check I'm doing it correctly.??? cheers in advance.
  9. Spot on - great idea. I'll be a few months down the line by that stage, so be great to get a progress report and catch some experiences from other lads.
  10. Guys, i'm almost a week after session, will be seven days(fri) but still bit tender at the donor area - especially when I'm lying down etc. I take it this is just the impact of the staples - which will hopefully be gettin removed in few days. Also, how long before I start taking Minoxidil, MSM etc. cheers.
  11. Hi guys, just relaxing at Andrews in Great Neck after 2,500 sess with the good doc yesterday (friday). Had few probs logging on, had hoped to be on sooner. The session went great, doc feller was very impressed with my donor area etc he said it was pretty much textbook. We shaved a bit more of my forehead than I initially wanted, but It was my idea to be honest - small loss for long term gain. I took the bandage off this morning and my head is mega swollen, but I aint too fussed cos I was told to expect this. Washed my hair as advised this morning, recipient and donor fairly tender and red but, again, all to be expected. I'm flying back to the Uk late sunday night US time, so not looking forward to eight-hour flight with an oversized cap trying to hide my Elephant man new look. Trying to get through security with cap on will be a challenge, but we'll worry about that when time comes. I'll post an in-depth write up on my trip within the next few days when i'm back home. just wanted to say quick 'thank u' to all who wished me luck in last few days. Anyway, I'm off to look at my new hairline in the mirror..and apologies for the typos and poor grammar..I took one of Feller's Vicodin about an hour ago..best part of the trip!!! Cheers guys Avid!!
  12. guys, just heading off to Feller for first session. Getting 2,500 into hairline on friday morning, flying to JFK at 7am and got few days in NY before op. staying at the Andrews, so looking forward to it. Extremely, extremely nervous, but little excited too. Wish me luck!! Avid.
  13. Cheers for the feedback guys, Pete2, would be big help if you could stick the pics up to give me a rough idea. Also, Stevo, I see you kept your hair a lot longer for the second op, did you think that was a better idea to hide the scarrring. Thanks.
  14. As title suggests, I'm off to Feller in just under two weeks for 2, 500 grafts into receeding hairline. Although I'm obviously looking forward to getting my first session, i'm pretty nervous about it. I've only got just over two weeks off to recover, so I'm gonna ask the Doc to try to keep his buzzing to a minimum. Probably gonna be the longest few weeks ever while I'm off, and I'm told it will be a long road before I start to see the difference. Was everyone else so nervous in the run-up, it's my first HT. cheers
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