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  1. Hi I've been asked so many times to which hair transplant clinic I would recommend or which products are best. I nearly always refer the many email enquiries to these forums as they can get the best advice from asking people like you. Please don't think that this post is trying to promote my site in any way, I really do need some help. I've put together a directory for the benefit of guys who come to my site and ask these sorts of questions, I don't want to be bias so I thought it would be fair if I asked for your opinions who should go into each category. The links are completely free especially considering they're coming from people who have had experience. The categories I am trying to populate are: Hair transplant clinics in the Uk & Ireland http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-transplan.../UK/default.htm Hair Transplant clinics is the US and Canada http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-transplan...USA/default.htm Hair transplant clinics in Europe http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-transplan...ope/default.htm Hair transplant Patient Galleries http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-transplan...ies/default.htm Hair loss clinics (such as Trichologists) http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss/hair...ics/default.htm Hair loss products http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss/hair...cts/default.htm Suppliers of hair loss products http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss/supp...htm/default.htm Hair loss resources (non commercial) http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss/resources/default.htm Hair loss Forums (although I think this is complete now) http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-forums/default.htm Headofhair averages around 3,000,000 hits a year so I am hopeful this directory will be a real help for people looking for hair transplant and hair loss advice. Any links provided will of course have the footer "as recommended by....." if you so wish. Thanks a million Andy
  2. This post made me think. I know Wellesbourne have a bad reputation yet I've heard good things about other UK clinics. How far should we need to travel for a hair transplant? Which country are the best in hair transplantation? I think I feel another article coming on for the website Andy
  3. Minoxidil and any DHT blockers (IMHO) only stop hair loss and have a VERY limited success rate when it comes to growing hair back. The only way to replace lost hair effectively is to have a transplant. I wish clinics would not be so quick to put guys on meds for life in the hope that something might grow back.
  4. After 2 sessions, my head is covered with hair and I am very satisfied however, I wish it could be thicker on top. In comparison to be being bald it is 10000% better however it is not as thick as it was when i was in my early 20's. Has anyone had a hair transplant (or 2 or 3 ..) and the final result has been good coverage and thick hair that completely covers the scalp? PS I've posted this on my own forum and others as well as it's a question I've never had answered.
  5. What's next? DIY face lifts using staples and super glue?
  6. Pins and needles are normally related to blood supply. Are you doing anything or taking anything that could be having an effect on your blood supply. After my transplants, I used massage techniques on my scalp to increase blood supply - these may be helpful for you too?
  7. 3 months is still early but you are showing good signs of growth and a healthy scalp. I say most of my growth after 5 months when things really start to happen - it's all on my photo journal at http://www.headofhair.co.uk.
  8. All is growing fine mate. Can;t begin to tell you how it has changed my life. Hope you are good Andy
  9. I've been contacted by a few guys who have all said the same thing so I thought I'd post some general advice... Don;t just be bought by the occassional before and after shot on a clinic's website. I think it is important to get photos from previous patients over a period of time. I certainly know some of my photos on headofhair make my hair look amazing post procedure and some look OK. One of the reasons I published my photo journal was for this very reason - too many clinics use the worst before photo and the best after photo. My advice...ask to speak to ex-patients and see lots of photos before making a decision. I did and am 100% happy with the results. Cheers Andy
  10. I have been using MSM for a few months now and have definately noticed a difference in the speed my hair and nails grow. FANTASTIC STUFF! Andy headofhair
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