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  1. Well done. Don't worry the swelling soon passes
  2. Give him 12 months and he will look awesome
  3. You guys are hilarious!
  4. You have chosen very well. I couldn't be happier with my results at this early stage Feller is a class act along with spex. Listen to them and its hard to go wrong. How many grafts you going for there?
  5. Thanks for sharing the results here. Do you have a clear pre op and now at 7 months to compare. Also can you take a clearer hairline shot to show the work clearly?
  6. That is just WRONG! These UK clinic need investigating,not just exposing! I feel for those guys. Especially no.1! Who did that!!!
  7. Do have have a picture of your own before feller. I saw one that showed rows of transplants Well done so far
  8. Stay away from Armani and his Bullshit. Where are all these mega session FUE results He is the new Bosley, MHR Use the search function on here http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forum...61/m/2011099843 He is opening up a chain franchise where dr's use his old name.... Lokk at the haleystudios guy on hairlosshelp. Not good or natural Feller is the cheapest top doc around. He is even cheaper than a UK Butcher Do your research billois
  9. If you are only having a small session like that you will have more than enough laxity. Virgin scalps have a great deal i believe. Feller said i had very good laxity and could have got 5000+ out in one go if needed as have also got good donor density. beardy are you intending to have hairline work done by Rogers or are you going overseas? Reason I ask i have not seen one Ht by Rogers especially his hairline work that would make me let him near my head. I presume you have seen the pictures of his work on here?
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