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  1. My telephone number is: 0208 7527228
  2. Hello, Thank you for all the responses. I'm still currently doing my research, so if anyone has any issues or comments that they think I should be looking at, please get in touch
  3. Hello, My name is Alice and I am producing a one hour documentary for the BBC looking at male pattern baldness. The documentary has been commissioned by the BBC and will be an authored journey into this world through the perspective of a young man who is losing his hair. Within the programme, we are going to be addressing how it affects men to lose their hair and what measures they have taken to deal with this, whether it is using treatments / having transplants or resisting everything and becoming bald and proud. At this stage, it would be really helpful to hear people's stories and what measures they have taken. I am also interested in finding out if it had a positive/negative effect on people's lives and finally, if there are any events coming up that it might be worth me attending? If anyone would be happy to talk to me, in confidence, my email address is Alice.Bowden@bbc.co.uk and my telephone number is 0208 743 8000 Kind Regards Alice Bowden
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