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  1. My doctor gives me a prescription for ketoconazole as well as proscar. I get free UK prescriptions. It depends on how understanding your doctor is. I think that saw palmetto combination is helping me to grow a significant amount of new vellus and some terminal hair at the front and temples, along with the other treatments to improve microcapillary function. Saw palmetto is used to treat BPH in many parts of the world, so it has some effect on the 5-Alpha reductase enzyme. I also take DHEA tablets, though some have reported DHEA induced hair loss, which grew back after stopping DHEA. If you have a balanced approach and you have some improvement, stick with your routine. I learned about Nizoral here first.
  2. You need to reduce inflammation in the scalp tissue and increase microcapillary circulation. As well as finasteride, I use retin A cream with the minoxidil and golden emu oil to reduce inflammation, then in the evening after shampoo with Nizoral, I use the laser comb (which has had good reports on NBC) and my own device for increasing microcapillary circulation. After twenty years of what seemed like fully developed shiny mpb, 14 months of this combined treatment (plus a range of herbal and hormone supplements) has produced thousands of new terminal hairs springing into life) It is the combination of all the available approved medications and treatments which does the trick. Specs and others have helped me to understand some aspects of the DHT process, but the science is rather incomplete. I succeeded by guesswork and experimentation. I am amazed that each week and month I have some longer hairs to brush. The feeling of the hairs interacting and springing back is incredible. It may take another year or two to get an even appearance, but now I am looking forward to my 50th birthday, as I will look better than at 40! Ulsterman
  3. Thanks Specs I really value your detailed advice. I thought that dutasteride would have less risks associated with it, because of the lower dose. I see there is more to it though. I understood that we need some dht, and blocking the receptors in the follicle with topical treatment is also very important. Topicals should present less danger in terms of side effects, though in this emerging science, we need to keep asking questions. For instance, we shouldn't give blood while using finasteride. Is this widely known? On your advice I think I will stick to the finasteride, as this has probably been a major factor in growing the new hair I have now after twenty years of full mpb. Using dut now would be pure greed. I only took about ten capsules. I'm not ready to post before and after pics just yet, my noticable coverage is wispy, though with thousands of short new intermediate or terminal hairs just beginning their new life. If my crown doesn't recover to the same extent I will consider transplant surgery, a few years down the line. Have you heard of anyone else getting such results after twenty years of apparent total minaturisation? Ulsterman
  4. Is anyone here looking into Dutasteride? After taking propecia then proscar, I have switched to Dutasteride 0.5 mg when I read that it is a much better DHT inhibitor. I still collect my free prescription for proscar though, maybe to give to my brother for a Christmas present. I haven't seen him for over a year. When he sees my new hair, he will want to know my secret! Ulsterman
  5. First try to get proscar from your doctor on an ordinary prescription. This would be cheaper. My doctor prescribed propecia, then proscar instead when I asked her. It is nice to have such an understanding and sympathetic doctor. Perhaps it is because she is a lady and knows what a difference baldness makes to male attractiveness. Male doctors may not be as interested in treating mpb, I have read about men getting a rude brush off just for asking for finasteride. Specs, your doctor is providing a valuable service to men who might not be getting any help from their own gps. If he is getting good results himself, this would explain his positive attitude. However, readers should first try to persuade their doctor. We are allowed to ask our doctors questions these days. I am lucky, I get my proscar on a free prescription because I have an exemption. Many others might be unknowingly in the same potential position. Ulsterman
  6. There is no definite guarrantee that finasteride will not be present in semen. I guess that we are guinea pigs in this regard. It is one big experiment, there may be freak results, accidents, men not telling their girlfriends or wives what they are taking. Are all doctors alert to possible risks? My girlfriend does not want any more children, so it is not a big problem for me. It is a good issue to raise, so pass on the word. Some of my hair is growing back after twenty years of full mpb. I have posted information at HairlossTalk.com as Boru Ulsterman
  7. Do not despair. Specs advice on proscar helped me out, because previously I had to pay for a private prescription for propecia. I have a few tips to add. Proscar can be prescribed by your doctor, I am lucky because I get free presciptions and I hope that others in this position will ask their doctor for the same. It seems that some doctors just aren't interested in treating hair loss. (Today in the news it emerged that many doctors in the uk are alcoholics and drug addicts, so Dr Shipman is/was not the only nasty bastard in that profession!) If your doctor isn't intitially keen to prescribe proscar/finasteride you may need to take a different approach. I just want everyone here to be aware that you don't necessarily have to order proscar online from an doctor who is unknown to you. Ask friends to recommend a sympathetic doctor to you. I have recently added fluridil to my routine, although it is expensive (about £50 a month if you use one vial a day), I use it sparingly, over 3 days. It seems to dry quickly. My experience is different from Specs, I have good growth in the front and temples after a year of using finasteride and minox and a few other experimental techniques. I don't think that many men my age (48) who have been fully mpb bald for twenty years would even try to grow their supposedly "dead" hair back. The very idea would sound like a ridiculous waste of time. But the right combination has worked for me. Though much of my vellus/intermediate hair is just beginning to turn terminal, I have a few waves of new hair leading the way. I doubt that men my age will put in the work as I did, even if I was able to describe the entire treatment here, which would involve a device which I believe helps to wake up "dead/dormant" follicles. I can't prove it yet, but there is no question that finasteride and minoxidil etc are only partly responsible for my success so far. The role of DHT and other well known factors involved in minaturisation of scalp follicles are important, but there are other aspects which have not been explored. Unless there is a co-inventor out there keeping mum, I have invented something unique. I try not to get too excited, because this is a work of patience and dedication. Young men, and some women may benefit if I can develop my ideas from prototype into an affordable product. So far my contacts with a few specialists have produced interest, but no commitment. It is the same with all new ideas to begin with. I am happy for now to see my hair slowly returning, and I will work on the idea as best I can, with my own modest funds. I will understand if all the experienced members find my story difficult to believe, but I am not selling anything, nor representing a transplant surgeon or a snake oil company. My aim here is to let everyone know, it is possible, genetics allowing, to grow back long dormant hair. I don't thing my genes are different. Ulsterman
  8. Has Elton opted for this treatment now? I doubt if his now full looking fringe could be acheived by a transplant. Ulsterman
  9. I agree with the big 3 approach, and try to study the many available articles on the various treatments in as much depth as you can. I am looking forward to a good recovery at the front top and temples after a long time completely bald, but I could do with a bit more optimism for the back, because it is difficult to see the vellus and intermediate hairs even with two magnifying mirrors. It takes months and perhaps years of personal experimentation to find your own routine, and if it doesn't seem to be working it can be easy to give up. A fantastic sense of humour can help, because all the hopeful stuff we lot gotta do every damn day would defeat the dry minded pessimist. If my crown stays a bit shiny I will consider a transplant, but I will keep at my experiments until I reach the maximum potential, which is alot more than I have now. The leap from nothing to vellus took longer than the leap to some terminal and alot more intermediate hair. It would be nice to hear from someone else who is enjoying progressive recovery at the front, so we can help to describe the secret to everyone else who wants to know. Is my machine a red herring? I'd rather waste a little bit of my time than take the risk that it isn't, if you see my convoluted logic. Twenty years ago I refused to believe the dermatogogists who my doctor referred me to, just to give me the bad news that there was no, could be no, and I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to get etc. If we all refuse not to believe in a miracle we can make it happen. Communication will help us to crack the code. Ulsterman
  10. Hi Joe I am not sure why my regrowth is better at the front and temples, it is my particular combination which is suited to me. I also kept up the habit of scalp exercises for over twenty years, which may be why all my follicles did not completely die. The makers of finasteride or minoxidil do not claim to be able to restore hair at the front and temples (especially after many years of slick baldness), so there is something else which is unique about my case. At this early stage you will probably be able to stop further hair loss with the combination you have, and I hope you can get a prescription. Just keep at it. I will continue to work on my programme and try to discover how I have managed to grow hair at the front, right into the widows peak area. But so far any specialists I have contacted at other sites have been too sceptical. They mainly imply that what I have done is impossible. Be patient, miracles can happen!
  11. Several weeks ago I read specs advice on changing from Propecia to Proscar. Propecia and Proscar both contain finasteride, but Proscar is five times stronger so you can cut it into 5 with a pill cutter (this is a little box with a snapping blade with a taper to hold the pill steady). My doctor advised me to take one every five days, but I am not sure if this would be too high a dose for DHT suppression, so I cut the Proscar as specs advised. This is much cheaper than Propecia, and if a doctor will give you a prescription it will only cost the price of the prescription. I am lucky because my doctor had some sympathy with my hair loss, and I get free prescriptions as well because of a thyroid condition. There may be many men who are paying too much for their finasteride and I hope the word will spread so the manufacturers will bring their prices down. I have been taking finasteride for nearly a year now, with no side effects, plus minoxidil for several months. I have recently added retinol cream to hopefully make the minoxidil more effective. There is a product called Tretinol, which can be prescribed for reducing wrinkles and to rejuvinate skin (which could have a beneficial effect on hair too), but it can take up to a year to work, and it may cause alot of irritation. It is claimed that Emu oil helps to reduce inflammation, but make sure that you buy the genuine stuff from Australia (if you ask I can tell you the brand I use) because the Emu should eat its natural native diet, which I am told cannot be replicated in farms outside Australia. After over twenty years of full MPB I was astonished that my hair began to grow again, which is especially noticable at the front. So far my research tells me that no-one is getting much growth around the temples and front. The centre of the crown is still very sparse, but that is to be expected, it may never grow back much there as it went bald twenty five years ago. I have made a device which I believe helps to make the follicles more receptive, but it is experimental and quite expensive to make so I don't want to raise hopes yet. I posted my story in reply to the Laser Comb question, but haven't had any feedback so far. Perhaps it is very difficult to believe that such long standing hair minaturisation can be reversed to any noticable degree. If there is anyone else out there who is getting alot of regrowth in the front and temples it would be interesting to compare notes. Surely I cannot be the only one?
  12. Friends. In the past year I have at last discovered a successful treatment for my MPB. I have been searching and experimenting with my head like a shiny guinea pig for twenty five years. Last year I found the right combination of techniques, and vellus hair started to appear, now I have maybe 40-60% turning into terminal hair at various stages, mainly at the front and top and sides. The widows peak area is looking promising, and I don't recall having much there even as a teenager. The crown went bald quickly when I was only 23, after I shaved my head it didn't grow back, so it is taking longer to recover. Saw Palmetto and other supplements are part of my regimen, but I am also using a home made device (not laser or vibration or scalp exercises or anything else I have read about on any other forum), though I cannot say if it would work for everyone. There is much healthy scepticism here, who is selling and who is telling? So I am not going to try to sell or describe this device in open forum, because it is an experimental idea. The big corporations may be reading our friendly sharing messages. Has anyone else grown back new hair after over twenty years of full follicular minaturisation? We are all guessing, experimenting, and trying to share and glean information. I hope I can look forward to receiving some positive feedback here. Ulsterman
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