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  1. Ive been using for 16 years with no issues and no effect on my libido...fingers crossed these lawsuits are just isolated cases and not necessarily widespread Tom
  2. As the title suggests be good to see his progress, last i seen hes was close to perfection? Tom
  3. About bloody time ha ha, Looking well mate, you lost weight?

    New Look !

    yes this does look and feel very slick. Very Noice!
  5. Hey spex is that your picture in your avatar, have you gone public?
  6. Hi Spex, yeah im good mate and all are well Its seems the choi has been rebranded the DHI method and i guess in principle its a great idea but i have read some horror stories regarding DHI. Bigmac being one of them. Im still longing for more hair mate but its just fitting it in these days with babycakes biting at my ankles and all......... All good tho Speak soon Tom
  7. I watched a DHI promotional video on their site and from what i can gather their DirectHairImplantation technique which plants the follicle as soon as its extracted reduces the trauma to the follicle compared to follicles that are left in a petri dish for several hours, which i guess explains rooneys non shedding and rapid results. Correct me if im wrong here spex as im not 100%? Im not sure how consistent their method is but rooneys HT sure is impressive in terms of a quick turnaround and a great result too. fair play to him i say and if what ive stated above is correct surely that is the HT of the future as we all want results in 2 months and not 6 the most people endure....... money permitting
  8. He was very helpful when i had some questions regarding fin and pregnancy. put my mind at ease at the time with his informed advice. all good! spursman hows the barnet mate? Ive not been on the boards alot of late but hope your well
  9. Irish, your result looks awesome mate, good for you! Like the haircut too, looks good mate. Bet your well pleased! Regards Tom
  10. TOMMY > I struggled with the second more because I had to shave all my hair down and lost quite a lot through shockloss, even HT hair. They all grew back but for around 2 months I was looking so much worse. It was just quite a shock going from having a decent head of hair to quite badly thinning again. But hey all good now. Saag, i totally hear you, its a tough call but worth it in the end bud. Glad to hear your second HT is coming along nicely. All the best Tom
  11. That cud definitely be a problem, hard to breathe! Ha Ha Havnt seen you around for while johny, did you ever take the plunge???
  12. Hi saag, just wondering how come your second HT was tougher then your first?? You sometimes hear the opposite from guys just curious why yours was tougher second time round? Regards Tom
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