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  1. Am extremely happy as today when I got back from work there was a parcel waiting for me containing a years supply of generic Finasteride. I started corresponding with Dr Ashcroft about a month ago and at the beginning of last week I finally decided to bite the bullet and transfer cash into his account (which I am reluctant to do for anything over the internet) but Dr Ashcroft gave me more than enough information on himself to reassure me and much to my amazement what I thought would be at least a months wait turned out to be a matter of days. Anyone thinking of trying Finasteride or similar products would do well to get in contact with Dr Ashcroft as I found him to be an extremely understanding and helpful man. Again yay! now to sit it out and see if it has any beneficial effects (by the way I'm under no impression that this is a miracle cure) just to slow the hair loss down would be great. Who know what the future holds at least now I can feel I'm taking a pro-active approach to my MPB rather than just staring into mirrors day in day out seeing that hairline retreat. Hope everyone here is doing well and I'm glad my first post is a positive one.
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