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  1. Thanks for the reply big mac . I used a provate clinic near rue tronchet in Paris . Dont go there , never. For my fourth HT I went to toronto (after doinf my reserach) and see Dr Seager who unfortunately passed away . I had 3200 Graft on the front 1/3 . The problem I have is my hairline which is a mixt of natural hair and graft . As time goes on the natural hairs are folling and the hairline now starts to look weird. Plus I think the hairline has been placed "too low" . So I am almost considering of removing the actual graft I have and put them somewhere else (if this is possible and give good proven results ) I dont want to rush into any decision as I know I might have only one more "shot" to go . I will try to post some pictures soon. Thanks K.
  2. Hello Everyone . I know this question might have been asked 10000 times but who do you think is the best HT repair out there . after 3 surgeries done in Paris I am now looking for an experienced Doc able to give me top results . Feller , H&W ......Who else ? Cheers k.
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