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  1. Where ever you read this guys name..Malcolm Mandelson there is heartache cs0911 That doesn't sound good at all dealing with yet another salesman who will 100% only shob you off with technical rubbish as to why your transplant didn't work and that it must be you not the surgeon..BS!!!! . Do not stand for it!!! Tell him you have the means to go public and that you are in contact with numerous unsatisfied patients that are willing to go public with you. If he is reading this forum himself he will know you have the means to track several unhappy patients down and i bet spex will only be too happy to give you contacts. Ask him directly how many other unsatisfied patient Santo's and NHI have had... he will looked all suprised and say none at all Complete BS!!! I have personally read many unsatisfied accounts from that place. You should demand all your money back and some and make sure you continue to expose these b@stards
  2. george


    He still advertises 2000 FUE session though Maybe the machine was in the car with him and broke
  3. george

    Top Ups

    I am definately greedy and want more!!
  4. george


    Yeah PB lets not F about..... Armani has a million HT offices, one must be near you I made enquires to Armani about FUE and was told that he only performs 500 session with fue. That was after a read that he had a machine that performs 2000+ .... i think we all know that was just another little marketing ploy.....
  5. george


    Looks very good indeed. Your scar looks fantastic!!! wow
  6. Maybe it thought you didn't look to bright yourself Yes thats the way to cut it. But to be honest the best wa is to just cut it into 4ths and get 1.25 into the system
  7. george


    This would be good to see - especially the tricho closure scar. I am debating whether to have another strip with Feller with Tricho or FUE Seeing a Tricho scar, or not seeing it would really help Thanks in advance Baldinginmd
  8. george

    My Man Ian!

    Hope you are well Ian. Your pictures look great!!! Any plans for any more sessions? Would you go FUE or another strip? The sound of the Tricho closure sounds good. Is your brothers scar good with the Tricho closure method?
  9. george


    Hasslehoff is a fond Dog lover, a little bit too much of a dog lover if you ask me.
  10. george

    Ht Tips

    Take as much time off as you can
  11. george


    Doesn't look too bad Zipit. Good luck in October
  12. Spex isn't a HT salesman, he is a HT educator This is obvious to everyone that has met him I'm sure if you decide to go with Feller he will do a great job. I am a year out from my first session with him and very very pleased with the results
  13. I think your Nizoral shed suspicion is accurate because i have read it can cause drastic shedding. I'm sure it will all grow back in PB as spex mentioned.
  14. A long way away..if at all
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