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  1. I'd just like to add my appreciation for specs and all the balanced advice he gives on this site. I've been using Proscar for 4 months now and only suffered one side effect which lasted one week, this was an increased need to urinate. I have not experienced any sexual side effects whatsoever and am looking forward to maintaining the hair I have with Proscar. I don't expect miracle regrowth, just maintenance and I am very happy to be taking my 1.25 mg of Proscar everyday. I would advise any worried forum members to keep a sense of perspective over the whole side effects argument which seems to run and run. As the Merck test results have show, only 2/100 people suffer from side effects...it tends to be the unlucky ones that post on forums like this. Good luck to everyone with whatever treatment they use as we all want the same thing at the end of the day...some hair on our heads.
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