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  1. Hi, I don't take it on a daily basis, just at the weekends when I am seeing my girlfriend, I take one during the day, and another 15 mins before. The tablets are huge though, I have trouble swallowing them, always take a big gulp of water with them, tilt your head back at the same time. Been taking these off and on the past couple of years. However, the best thing I have tried in ConMax, but I kept getting headaches with them, they are available at Big boy condoms, they come from Thailand, FDA approved. I am thinking of trying Cialis tablets next......my girlfriend has a huge sex drive.....I need to keep up with her...lol Anyway...hope that helps. Phil
  2. Hi, I've been using it for a few months now, I get mine from www.minoxidil.com, via air mail. Phil
  3. Thanks David for the reply. I've just placed an order for Xandrox15, and plan to apply once a day, with 5% minox once a day (like you). Fingers crossed it will stop/further slow the temple loss. Phil
  4. Hi, I posted a similar question a few months back i.e anyone using 15% after using 5% and seen better results? I don't think anyone responded. I'm still using 5% and applying Azelaic acid 10 mins before, however, the temples are still struggling. I was worried that the 15% might cause too much irritation. I've been using 5% for about 10 years now, Propecia 1 year, the temples are still receeding, albeit very slowly. Phil
  5. I've been using Minoxidil for years, since I was 22, I'm 38 now. I only started to use Propecia and Tricomin about a year ago, after noticing the temples slowly getting worse. I believe the Minoxidil has slowed things over the years. I've only just started to use the laser beam, Nizoral and Azelaic acid. I've been taking the vitamins off and on for years too. Having seen pictures of my father at my age his loss was a lot worse than mine is now, so I put that down to the Minoxidil. I'm just looking to slow down further loss at this stage, there are so many products out there, but I believe I'm using the best products available at this time. Yes, it costs a lot of money, but I suppose you have to compare that with loss of confidence etc. So I'm going to stick with it, probably till I snuff it (you never know, there might be a 100% cure by then).
  6. I am interested in what treatment people consider the best for frontal temple hairloss. I am currently using Minoxidil 5% plus progesterone, Propecia, Nizoral and Tricomin shampoo (plus Therapy spray), Azelaic acid 20% applied before minoxidil at night, PIL food (for the B6 and Zinc). And finally I use a laser comb (hairbeam.com) twice a week for 20 mins. Emu oil to soothe scalp. Results are good, except temples still receeding, albeit very slowly. Any recommendations appreciated. Phil
  7. Phil


    I have been using Minoxidil since it was launched back in the 80's, it worked great when I was in my 20's, however, I am not sure of it's effectiveness now. I am now 38, my receding hair line is still receding at the temples, although at a fairly slow rate. I started to use Propecia 10 months ago, this appears to be helping a bit. I also use Nism shampoo and Tricomin therapy spray. I've read on the internet about a topical called OSH101 which went into clinical trials end of 2003 I think. Anybody heard any news on this? also wondering on the effectiveness of xandrox15 (15% minoxidil)? Phil
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