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  1. Hi billios



    yup I been using 15% for about 8to 12 weeks.leaves you a bit sticky,but hope to see something happen before i die, think its helping but! hoo nows??..

    i can see small hairs but very slow in growing and they are a clear color witch makes it harder to see :)

    approx 1/8 to 3/8 long.

    I take msm.zinc. copper helps to keep the gray away.hair vitamins one a day, biotin.nazel shampoo is that the name?

    was using advodart for 3 months but stop,may restart again soon??

  2. I started using it a few weeks ago, so needless to say it’s too early to tell what results I’ll get. What I can tell you is the solution is a lot more “sticky” and concentrated than normal minox, if you get any on the hair then that will just bind together almost until you wash it! Probably be easier if I had shorter hair as it barely ever seems to dry. You’ll be lucky to apply more than 2 applications before you feel the need to wash your hair and even then you’ll need something fairly potent like Nizoral. I’ve been on minox since last April so I bought this hoping to get better regrowth on the crown, front vertex? and temples – those are the areas I’m applying it to anyway. It came with a spray nozzle but I use a Kirkland dropper instead. The bottles are twice the size of standard minox so with 1 application a day it might last as long as 4 months. The only place I know you can get it from is the manufactures, Regrowth @ http://www.minoxidil.com/ for about £48. They will ship it as sample cosmetics at a value of $6 so this will avoid duty :blink:

    Hi yup brioni got it just right ,

    I use it, But! only on the temples and not the hair,

    approx about 2 months,still looking in the mirror,I see small hairs and i keep saying.. please grow for winkle. :blink:

  3. well the way i've worked around that issue, is by growing my hair long, since minoxidil only has contact with the roots if you know how to apply it correctly - with a pipette instead of a spray.


    Also, you need only leave minoxidil on for 2 hours before it dries completely, and you can run a comb through your hair and/or apply something like mousse (is that how you spell mousse?). (Remember however, not to wash your scalp for at least 4 hours after applying minoxidil, cuz it'll reduce its effectiveness). I know it's a bit of a hassle, but if you're at work you can always carry around a pocket-sized can of mousse or tub of gel, pop into the gents and slap some on.

    Hi guys



    I use Vitamins for hair, from holland and Barrett..

    and MSM..Zinc/copper/ and the odd biotin.

    my hair is doing well at the mo.it looks soft and sexy.

    P.S. and my hair as always been long. :blink:

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