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  1. Any one, Come across this one. Hair grow plus Advertised on Buss TV <Hotbird satellite> It's worked on every one and been a 100% at making your hair regrow,So the advert says yup I know.... But! has any one tried it??
  2. gonna cut it short...did you mean your hair???
  3. boristheburglar1983. Sounds interesting, let us know the out come, I've been on avodart for sometime, Would like to get of it, Saving up for a transplant Cheers winkle
  4. winkle


    Yup bigmac I hate him toooooooooo
  5. and a merry time to you all. and a lot of thanks to you spex.. for the hard work you do,And not forgetting your good lady and new babe and new hair doooooo!!!!
  6. great tuff s.a.f your on the ball and very helpfull to all of us cheers p.s i'll tell the wife not to go there
  7. winkle

    Dr Rogers

    well!! I just saw him down the fish shop, He was talking to Elvis..he said he would be incontact soon
  8. many thanks for the reply s.a.f very interesting cheers winkle
  9. So tell me guy's If i had a Ht, What! would i need to take from then on to stop hair lost avodart ??? Propecia ??? or what.
  10. yup congrates to you both..... see what new hair can do..So!!! if you don't want kids stay bald
  11. How does this compare to Dr Feller excellent work http://hairlosshelp.healthology.com/hybrid...me=hairlosshelp
  12. winkle

    Down Time!

    has always nicely done by spex cheers .
  13. Dito to all that's been said winkle
  14. yup spex it looks great, you must have spent a lot of doshhhhh
  15. yes I have too the boys are good,go for it
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