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  1. Thanks Richie, any more tips?
  2. I wish we did have but the reality is we do not. I consulted with supposedly the best 2 here and they were so far off the mark it was worrying in my opinion. Neither clinic installed me or my wife with any confidence hence why i am travelling. Its actually cheaper also to get it done is the US by the best so there is no need for them to come here to perform as it would only mean their prices would increase due to training more staff, docs, rent, legal procedure to set up here etc..I spoke to Dr Feller on the phone about this. 7 hrs for £300 on a flight you can get to the likes of Feller if his dairy allows I have done over a year researching and consulting and the UK proved to me very early on and especially recently why they have the bad rep they do. They just do not have the skills, drive, caliber to compete with the US surgeons. I am very miffed they don't as I would like nothing more than to have the procedure here but if you had the consultations I had and you experienced the lack of enthusiasm and saw the obviously HT result I have done you would travel too. There is good reason everyone says travel but you need to understand it and work it through for yourself to completely understand it for yourself.
  3. I am in NY for over 2 weeks so can anyone offer advice as to things to do or ot to do. I have never been before but heard great things. Any help and tips would be much appreciated.
  4. Very nice result. I look forward to getting as good a result hopefully.
  5. I would very much like to hear from Beach Boy if possible especially before i go
  6. I have not rushed into this and was very lucky as stumbled across a post made by PB on Hairlosshelp forum sometime ago which made a great deal of sense to me . I have tried regaine Bigmac but found it caused a great deal of inflamation and dry skin so i quickly stopped it. I realy do not want to cause any reason for slagging matches by disclosing what different clinics quoted or said. All i want to do is share my research as i have taken a great deal of time to come to this decision and i can honestly say i am 100% confident with it. I will most certainly keep you well informed and try to provide pictures as i know its very important. Without other guys doing the same previously i could have so easily made the wrong decision. Good luck TIMuk. I leave in 3 days to NYC and will be having it next week, then intend to have a months holiday in USA Cheers
  7. I have been reading all the forums for over a year and have now decided to have a 2500 strip session with Dr Feller to restore my hairline and front. I have had many consultations but felt Dr Feller was the best man for the job. The main reason i decided to go with Dr Feller was due to his honesty and manner over the phone when i discussed my case in depth thanks to pictures provided to him by Spex who i met 6 months ago. I originally wanted FUE (don't we all) but due to my potential further loss i want to make sure i have always got the donor supply to address any issues that will most certainly occur. I am not on propecia as i do not feel confident with it as i am very sensitive to any drug i put in my body. I wanted to just inform everyone here although i know its been mentioned many times before that i feel very confident in my decision after much researching and I wish to thank many who have helped me with all my research without even knowing especially, hairroot, PB, seasidematt, steveyD, Bigmac and of course Spex. I had various consultations with different places over the last year and it was quite amazing how the quotes differed. Feller 2500 HW 2500 Farjo 1000 Norton 1000 Rogers 1200 Rahal 3500 Armani 5000+ (yes 5000+ Cole 1500 Jones 1500 Amazing really that i didn't rush into this as i so nearly went to one of the UK clinics but after further time spent reading all the forums i realise now how inappropriate that would have been and costly to me in a number of ways . Thank you everyone for all your posts and time spent here. I hope to share my experience as it happens with pictures. Paul
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