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  1. Joe, your hairloss is identical to mine, unfortunately there are HT surgeons who will get you in the chair at this stage and you will certainly end up looking freakish, firstly it looks to me like you are diffuse thinning, the transplanted hair will not match. Secondly, im sorry to say you will probably lose more hair. The last thing anyone needs is a HT that looks like a HT, its hell on Earth.
  2. How do Norton keep getting business? can I ask, Luckyescape do you know the name of the 'Dr' scheduled to disfigure your partner? and did he have any dealings with Jeremy Isherwood.
  3. Nice one Patchy, Your native hair looks as strong as iron! if you were like me, the main priority was to get the Norton shit camoflaged, I got 1800 too.
  4. Had a text the other day, telling me to 'beat the credit crunch' how? by buying overpriced avodart and testogel from FUEclinics, they are also offering FUE for 2 quid per graft. this is sure proof that FUEClinics are really Norton since I've no contact with FUE Clinics
  5. Thanks mate, yeah im lucky to have kept so much although its a lot thinner than it looks, I've been on meds for 6 years though, I'm certain thats whats saved it. My hair loss wasnt all that bad and if werent for the few hundred plugs Nortons Kevin Hartley stuffed into my temples I wouldnt have had another HT, you cant see em in photos but in the flesh they looked like pubes and obviously plugs, (even after 2 courses of dermabrasion and a chemical peel) they were killing me. I only hope Fellers work will look natural. Unfortunately the temple points are more severe than I would have liked but Dr F said it was the only way the minigrafts and cobbles could be disguised would be to overwhelm them with FU's.
  6. Wankers have removed youtube post, wankers appear to have removed their webshite Whats happening Jeremy?
  7. In terms of results Nobel are equal to Norton, however they dont appear to market themselves so aggressively or make such blatantly fraudulent claims, i remember seeing one of their flyers, it was comically unprofessional, cheap, photocopied and in archaic font, went on about price per 'hair root' and 'we have insurance so you have nothing to worry about, why wait!' absolute clowns
  8. Hey Patchy, Nice to hear from you mate, i'm in the chair with Feller in November, im sure he'll give it a wipe before you get on it! Seem to recall it was Norton Fuemaster(bater) Theo Vernikos who gave you his unique interpretation of a hairline using a ruler You may be interested to learn he and Isherwood have left Norton (allegedly) and started FUEclinics, are you sure you cant be tempted to give em another try Seriously though hope things go ok for you and that Dr Feller can restore your trust.
  9. Yet more evidence that FUEclinics are Norton http://www.nortonclinic.com/profile/index.html This is the latest version of Norton fraudulent website Note also that he's used before and after FUE photos from HDC.
  10. http://www.medizen.co.uk/Why/Display.asp?ID=30 Kevin Hartley
  11. http://www.fueclinics.com/FUE_Hair_Transpl...estimonies.html
  12. So Hartley is living in Warwickshire? he better hope I dont find out where
  13. Wow mate thats barnet is pretty damn impressive! as for being 36, me too, unfortunately though, I'm aging like milk you look about 26!
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