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  1. Hi, I’m in my mid 30’s and for the last few years my hair has started to gradually recede. I’m now at the point where I need to take some sort of action, because it’s affecting the way I look and feel. My lifestyle means topical solution Minoxidil/Rogaine wouldn’t be practical. I am considering FUE, but this wouldn’t be realistic at this stage as I am only just starting to recede, so it’s something I may consider at a later stage. I am interested in trying Finasteride/Propecia to keep what I have, however I have a few questions that I would be grateful if you could answer or give me your opinion. If I started taking Finasteride for 2 years and then stopped, would I then lose the hair I would have lost in that period if I wasn’t taking it? Or would the hair loss be greater or increase at a higher rate after I stop using? i.e. would it create more hair loss in the end than if I hadn’t used it? Can you stop and restart the use of Finasteride? Can you reduce the amount you take? For example, only taking half the dosage each day? Is it safe to use continuously for the rest of your life? If I wanted to have kids, should I come off it before trying, and how long should it take to completely come out of my system. Where is the cheapest place to buy Finasteride from? Is their a generic version that is cheaper than Propecia? If so, is it as safe and is it exactly the same (i.e. ingredients etc, are we just paying for the brand?), do you have any recommendations where I should buy from? Thanks in advance for any replies and advice.
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