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  1. 24. ive heard some people say it will stop facial hair developing others say not. just wanted to see what guys on here on fin had experienced.
  2. Just a quick one for you fin uses, facial hair wise has fin stunted your growth? My facial hair is covering all areas but i feel is still developing getting thicker, still a fair few vellus hairs. So after your experiences? Been on fin 9 months. Cheers Harv.
  3. aah


    Hi Guys i know a few of you have been over to new york to dr feel good, my request is i'm planning on going over for a holiday long weekend with the good lady not a HT just yet. Basically any travel advice cheap good hotels quite close to the centre? Any suggestions or advice links would be greatly accepted! Cheers AAH
  4. Does any one know anywhere in the uk that do a miniaturization exam using a high powered microscope? Just don't wanna be using propecia if there is no need yet? Chhers AAH
  5. Had all the old photo albums out over the weekend now for the sad bit. Sure you can all relate i start going through looking at everyones hair etc. Turns out looking back at me when i was around 5 at a kids party my crown doesnt look much different to now? I think i have a cowlick, hair used to stick up funny near the crown. Now thinking back i remember people commenting on my cowlick when i was young. So MPB or a weird cowlick? Trichologist said all was fine and shes the head of trichology in the uk. God i'm confused! Any thoughts? AAH
  6. Firstly tim your photos look brill from here, excellent result! I started to take proscar early this year about 8 months now, after 3 or so months noticed a decrease in shedding also maybe slight improvement in hair quality but this could be down to shorter haircut. I also have had no sides. Basically give it a go and give it at least a year! Good luck AAH
  7. Hmmmmmm not very confidence inspiring at all. But to be fair she seemed very legit and really if she wanted to try and sell me many lotions or whatever even IF is wasn't suffering MPB? I couldn't find much through that link you gave me probably me being stupid. Think i'll stick on the propecia anyway as i think its slowed down my shedding at least. Many thanks aah
  8. I went to see a trichologist basically to put my mind at ease and she said that i wasnt suffering from MPB. She pulled 20 or so hairs from around my crown area and examined them under a microscope and her conclusion was nothing to worry about no miniturization, her explanation to what i though was a thinning crown was that mine was in a strange position etc its more or less on the side of my head right at the back just like my mothers. Basically can only see abit of scalp when wet under very bright lights or when dry ever such slight thinning around the crown area. So basically do you think all sounds good? Thing is i started propecia and i'm not sure to stop? No family history of early balding dad is probs a norwood 4 now at 61 and started balding around 50, he said he used to shed quite alot at my age also. Cheers AAH
  9. Yes mate be really good to compare views and progress. I've been told to stick at least a year before judging anything, good luck with it all mate hope it all works out. Here's to april 09 ;-) AAH
  10. Hey joe101 I'm a newbie to fin got a supply from the good Dr A early april, beforehand i brought 3 months supply online that infact cost me more! Basically havent noticed much of a change of yet or any sides thankfully. Just going to bear my time cross my fingers and hope to hold on to what i have! I'll repost in a few months with an update of where i'm at etc. AAH
  11. Isn't this just a mature hairline? I've read many posts on the net about this. Looks very minimal recession to me. AAH
  12. Good stuff matey! How long you been using it from the 2 pics above? AAH
  13. Cheers Bigmac! This forum really is a god send! AAH
  14. Really impressive results there mate! Bet you're well chuffed! Might get on the foam myself. Is it easy to use etc? AAH
  15. Hey Bigmac cheers for the reply. I spoke top richie recently and was going to take some pics and send them his way and post up here. Basically i'm at the early stages of MPB crowns growing ever so slighty. Got onto Dr A and now in my 4th month of proscar, not really noticed much as yet? I'll send you a PM with my pics when there back up and running and when i sort my digital camera out. Many thanks and just to say this forum is brill and really helped me out AAH
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