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    I have informed Bill who is looking into it.
  2. Tim will need to re add his pics here. Tim, If you want to start a new topic just click "New Topic" at the top right hand corner of the board. Posting randomly on other unrelated topics can prove very confusing to readers. Thanks
  3. Hi all... Bigmac, Pb, Spex, etc etc etc... I am probably posting this in the wrong place again !! Sorry, tried to start a new post but I will be the first to admit I am a complete computer retard !! Maybe someone could move it to the right place or give me a bit of help !! Also, as it turned out today, a retard with parking meter issues... don,t ask, but if anyone meets Spex.. the coins go in the slot in the little black thing on the right and have a slot for coins.... like I said.... dont ask !! 2nd and 3rd steps in the right directions taken today !!!! Well.... met Spex today.. cant say enough good things about him.. certainly has a passionate attitude towards helping us guys, just wish there had been a "Spex" about 14 years ago when I went through my first HT... Spex did mention that considering how long ago I had mine done it was not that bad (for the time)., that I had a good donor supply etc... made my day !! Felt uplifted after the meeting. Strange as I know my hair was the same but somehow the meeting confirmed that there are many of us out there with the same worries etc... those who are thinning and also those that have been affected by bad HT's. It is so hard to believe that people are still having HT's that produce results that are far worse than mine all this time later.. guess I was sort of lucky. I do not know if others feel the way I do, but just having this forum to read and post to gives a feeling that "you are not alone", a problem shared etc... Do not want to just rabbit on as I could say so much and dont want to bore anyone. Have decided to take the plunge and go for it... with the help of Spex I have booked up with Doc Feller for the 16th May.. thats 128 days or 3,072 hours or 184,320 minutes... and yes... I am a sad git with too much time on my hands !! Wookie... your making a good choice meeting Spex. Cheers all.. now off to spend hours looking at flights etc...... also just added some pics.. comments welcome.. and that is not a bogey on my head.. i bashed it last week !!
  4. I am now regretfully locking this topic. We appreciate your input but this forum is not a battle ground for webmasters to rekindle old feuds. I will not tolerate fighting between webmasters. If you want to continue to slug it out I advise you do it on your own sites. Any further posts of this nature will be immediately deleted. I stress again we do not appreciate this forum being used. Moderator
  5. Pat, I really don't appreciate you coming onto this forum with all your insinuations to be honest. PB has been a very helpful poster on here and other forums to ALL posters. This will only be confirmed by all the posters here. He has always offered solid advice off the back of experience with 2 hair transplants procedures. He has been one of the most honest patients i have seen at sharing information about his transplant experience. He has shared pictures at every stage good or bad. Not many have been as honest and open about sharing their experiences. It is to my knowledge he has also met with several UK patients here in the UK at the various meetings so has optioned his own opinion through his own research, like you. You have come on here pointing the finger Pat when maybe you need to look a little closer to home and look at some of the "patient advocates" that reside on your own forum. I recently browsed through and saw one poster in particular who can't say a sentence without mentioning his clinic and how amazing they are. He seems to be the only patient from that clinic though. Worth checking into that a little more if i were you as we have had UK clinics try to represent themselves with aliases here before It is for UK patients from UK clinics that need to come onto these forums to address the balance and attempt to alter the opinion that you need to travel for a HT. Not you Pat and not clinics with aliases. By all means direct any patients that contact you from the UK clinics to this forum as we would too be interested to see actual patients results and interact with them here to obtain further information. I personally don't appreciate you coming on here though and trying to discredit a poster like PB who although speaks very highly of Dr Feller has shared more information about hair transplants than most. He has also helped many newbies on both here and HLH to my knowledge without mentioning his Doctor in every sentence like a few posters on your forum clearly do. I think it advisable you stick to posting your information on your own forum from now on Pat. All the best. Note: This topic will just be locked and deleted if it turns into a slagging match.
  6. Pat, For your information there are several Doctors discussed here, not just Dr Feller. Which is the point you are obviously trying to make. We have reps/Doctors who post for a variety of clinics along with a variety of patients from different clinics. We have Cole, Feller, Rahal, HW, Rogers, Biganga patients, etc.. We even have clinic representatives who post derogatory comments using aliases toward their own patients as well (The SHLN team have their IP's) I think our readers are made very well aware that there is more than one "best hair transplant surgeon" out there. There are many links provided here to a variety of different forums, including yours. We are one of the few forums that allows this. This benefits patients and gives them a much wider perspective on various opinions and results from a number of different clinics/patients. This provides the readers and posters a much greater wealth of information to allow them to make a much more informed decision. Patients from any clinic are welcome to post here and provide information for everyone to view and see the standard of work their surgeon/clinic provides. They are all asked to provide pictures of their results for the readers and posters to pass judgement. As i am sure you are well aware though there are not many patients from the UK clinics that post their pictures other than repair patients regardless of the NUMEROUS requests for pictures. We are very open minded here Pat, we have to be. Like i mentioned previously, ANY patient or clinic is welcome to post and represent their clinics work on this forum. Thats ANY. I don't quite understand why you feel the need to do it for them though on this forum. I assume you are also intending to share your clinic visit links on the various other forums Pat to get your opinion heard, although i have not seen them. Is it only on this forum you intend to share them? It would be interesting to get other forum members opinions. Another point i feel you are trying to make is with reference to "Patient advocates". I pressume you mean Spex? I may be wrong, but as you know Spex is a very helpful and popular member on this forum and has helped many patients, not just Dr Feller patients. He does this on many forums, yours included. He represents Dr Feller who is discussed here regularly and is very popular amongst his patients (These patients provide documented proof of their sessions time and time again) so i can only assume this comment is directed toward him. If you read his posts or the testimonies from patients that have met with Spex, you will see that he speaks freely about different clinics and gives support and advice to all the patients he interacts with on the forums and shares a great deal of information, not just about Dr Feller. I think its up to the patients reading all the forums though to make their own minds up on which clinic they choose to go to either first time round or to get repaired and whether or not they opt to travel based on viewing patient experiences. As we can see though from all the forums the general opinion from actual UK patients through their own experiences and transplant journeys recommend travelling to get the best surgery available today. These are not just Feller patients but a variety of patients who have travelled to many different clinics. These patients for one reason or another through their own research have opted to have surgery performed with a US/Canadian clinic. These patients have then gone on to share their experiences and pictures. We must ask why is it though that hardly any patients from the UK clinics choose to share their experiences and pictures other than the UK repair cases. Also, why is it that the general opinion on ALL the forums is to not limit your options and to receieve the best then you need to seriously consider travelling. This hasn't only ever been mentioned once and hasn't only been mentioned here but many times on every forum. There is next to nothing in terms of UK clinic results to contradict with this very common, long running opinion shared by actual UK patients in my opinion. Why are there not more UK patients sharing their results on the various forums and showing the community their UK cutting edge, ultra refined, state of the art, natural results?? All the best Pat and thank you again for linking your UK/Europe visit information.
  7. You are more than welcome to post your information on here Pat. Your forum offers very useful and helpful information. I would be prepared for a difference in opinion on some of the information provided though.
  8. Everything has been deleted to do with "Halo's" post which he brought to the attention of the forum regarding Dr Rogers. Indeed a huge coincidence that he made the post in the first place . His posts will automatically be deleted from now on due to the transparency and nature of his postings. Another big coincidence is the fact that there are a high number of random accounts being made which contain viruses This happened not too long ago at the same time Steven Barnes was posting under the alias of "Headlines" Bill made a similar post about it at the time: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1507&hl=
  9. Haggis, You have made your point about Dr Rogers and your surgery with him 10 years ago several times on here and other forums. Do not use this forum to take swings at Dr Rogers.If you want to make attacks at Rogers DO NOT do it here. Take your issues up with him directly, NOT HERE!!
  10. Its very interesting how all these "naturalis hair recovery topical" users have the same IP address Thread locked!
  11. Do not click on any posts made by this Guest poster who for some reason thinks its funny to give people links to viruses This poster is being looking into by the moderating team.
  12. Timuk Feb 13 2007, Just wanted to say... cheers guys for all the info and answers.. so it the good old USA for me.. so whats the first step.. I see this guy called Spex posting on here and for want of a better word seems to be a Guru for "us" victims of the Uk butchers..so spex, if you read this... help..please.. This may sound strange but I really dont mind the idea of being bald.. maybe that is because it would be a better option than the mess that now is my head !! All I am really looking for is some sort of normal hairline that suits a 40 years old so I can keep it short.., not looking to have the hair I had when I was 18, the scars at the back dont bother me as I cant see them...when I do have the hair cut short I know it looks like steps and people think its just some 40 year old guy trying to be trendy... no I do not have a gold medalion and open neck shirt.. Maybe a silly question, but how many grafts for a basic hairline, 500, 1000, 1500... Also, again, I dont seem to have seen my Butcher (The Hair Clinic, JB &C on here ?) Only one more comment as I am sure you are all bored by now !! I just wanted to add that even though I am still in the same situation with regard to my hair just reading and being able to tell people about how I feel etc has made a difference.... cheers to all ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- spex Hi Timuk and welcome aboard!!- I am more than happy to help you out in anyway i can! Best send me over some pics of your situ or put them up on here Alternatively the best option is for us to hook up as then i can offer more accurate advice with regards to the best way forward for you as then i will have all the info - Your situ, your goal, donor available, hairs charateristics etc - A chat 1-2-1 goes a long way espesically with a repair guy as i am sure a few guys will confirm - As it will really allow us to talk it all through with all the info Here is a UK repair case - You are not necessarily the same as this as i haven't seen your situ and your goal sounds different but hopefully it will help a little. Repair patient BadhairUk http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1472&hl= http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1664&hl= Also look up AJG's pics on the recent London Openhouse topic Not a silly question at all mate - depending on the individuals personal goal, existing hair, donor supply, hairline position, existing density - approx 1000+ grafts for the hairline zone. This varies though from patient to patient depending on all these variables. Each individual is different Being a repair patient aswell adds other variables as old school work might be better off being removed or dense packed around in order to camoflauge appropriately/effectively, this is turn might require more grafts. Remember every patient is different with different needs and goals especially repair guys. Here is a link to a few various hairlines by Dr Feller that might help: Hairlines Hope this helps! Spex -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shaft TimUK, you should definetely meet with Spex. I met with him and he took some photo's to send to Dr F and also advised me what he thought I needed - he was pretty spot on as well! Best of all, you will feel so much better having spoken to someone who understands the situation, and Spex has been there and worn the t-shirt. I think you might also be impressed by his results, or jealous if you're like me! You also mentioned The Hair Clinic, JB &C - I've never heard of them, but if you get time, jot down your story on this forum. That way if anyone is planning to book in with them, but checks here first, then they'll have your example to save them. In a perfect world, we can stop these a**sholes from getting anymore clients! Keep us informed on how it goes - all the best. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timuk Just a little note to say Cheers To You All... Shaft, Specs and all..what a great site this is.. Do you guys realise what a fantastic service you provide.. first time I have smiled about my hair in years. Keep it up.. Specs, thanks for the info and will be in touch.. not top good with the Old PC but will try and post some pics very soon.. Specs... anyone... wow, just amazed myself...managed to attached some pictures, may have been the long way round as had to take with my phone then email to myself and then attached... Sorry the pics are not too sharp but may give some idea... I have some whispy natural existing hair on my hair line then the plugs start about 20mm back ... one depressing thing is that its the first time I have examined them in a long time as I tend to only look at my hair quickly in the morning as I gel it back... I think this makes it look better but thats just my opinion... I have just noticed how much the cobble stone effect shows now... (think thats the right word for it..) I did try Toppik last year which did seem to work at first but then I noticed it seemed to make my plugs stand out more.. the "toppik" that made its way to my scalp seemed to gather in the "hollows" around the plugs and made them look worse... so.. no more toppik.. Like I mentioned before I have an idea that if I could just thinken up the hairline at the front (where the whispy hair is) then it would make my "front on view" better ?? Maybe some advice here please.. Also, I really am not bothered about the balding crown but would like to get to a "place" where I could cut the hair short... Will stop here as I suppose I should first of all listern to what advice you guys can give me.. One more thing... would prefer that thingy called fue.. is that the way to avoid the strip and staples etc... or am I just adding to my wish list again ......... Cheers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PB_ I think you need more grafts than would be possible with FUE... My estimate judging from those pics would be around 2500 into the front 1/3... With that existing hair you would get a great result. -------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BadHairUK agree with PB that with u'r existing hair u will have a more fuller result with just 1 pass than some of the front 1/3rd patients that are filling a completely bald zone. I think u have a really good base for a Dr Feller special! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOMMYTWO 2500 grafts would give great result to front third! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BadHairUK Hi TimUK, I considered Dr Cole as one of the top 3 Dr's when I was researching my own HT as I had been reading and seeing pics of some great work of his. Whilst I was doing this I read the more USA based forums and read many posts by Dr Cole.. and also many posts concerning Dr Cole. Its no doubt he is one of the best HT Dr's, but I wasn't happy with the feedback from many people that have met him in person. He is not a people kind of person.. what he says goes and this is very unlike Dr feller that will want to hear your own thoughts and what you would like from the HT procedure. I also couldn't believe how someone so professional at the top of the game could type such childish and slanderous remarks on the forum! (I managed to read a few of his posts before the moderator deleted them.. and they were quite nasty) and he was accused of stretching the truth on many occations. this marked him off my list. I then found out he had a long term partner for over 6 years called Dr Mwamba, I read some very good posts and he sounded a very encouraging option as he was based in Belgium (but distance to travel shouldnt be of any concern with a HT.. at the time I was like u and wanted to find a Dr close by, but I have seen the light..lol). I sent my pics to him and then we spoke on the phone a few times and he sounded very compassionate towards me as I had such bad work by Nobel and he really wanted to fix the bad work they did! I then started to search all the forums to find out more about Dr Mwamba and speak to some of his patients.. but sadly I found that the Belgium Clinic was only a year old and he had nothing to show me of his work?! I was a newbie in the HT world as I had my 1st HT over 10 years previously, so I knew very little about FUE, FIT, TRICHO Closure etc. I did know that FUE wouldn't leave a scar so I asked him if he could do this for my HT. He was a bit unsure what to say and then offered me 3000 FUE over 2 days!! (1500 a day!!!) I wasn't aware this was a crazy thing to do for my own personal HT as I had a large area that needed work and FUE is generally a 'final' process to 'fill in' areas you want touching in.. and not really meant to be for a mega session. Also this would have left my old strip scar un-repaired. I asked Dr Mwamba that if I had a strip procedure would he use Tricho closure? He told me he was not experienced with this procedure and would have to ask another Dr to take over for this if I required this. Overall Dr Mwamba was a very nice guy and spoke kindly and wanted to do the best for me, but although he had 6 years experience with Dr Cole.. he was too inexperienced as a Solo Dr for me. Cutting a long story short.. In the end I decided to go with Dr Feller.. I was a repair patient and this was his bread and butter with Tricho and also his HT results I have seen were really natural. Its early days for me to see the results but looking forward it. I hope this info helps... sorry it was a long read
  13. Helpmyhair: do you care to give information as to the location this post came from please?
  14. This topic is being locked and the issue is being looked into. I strongly advise all the assosiated posters involved in this ongoing issue refrain from posting anymore on this forum.
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