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  1. Hi All, I have posted an update in the folum below. Just click on the link and it should take you straight there. I have attached photo updates. I am alos having my 2nd HT with Dr Feller tomorrow, so will post an update after http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/...tml#post2251735
  2. here's a couple of pics showing scar at widest point, but as you can see in 2nd pic as long as the hair is kept relatively long and combed down, the scar isn't detectable.
  3. Thanks guys, thought as much but needed to make sure i was't doing any damage by peeling the hairs off. It sort of feels like ingrowing hairs which you need to split the skin to free. I'll post some photos when i get more time. My scar is 8mm already above the ear but much smaller at the back of the head, , so am hoping it will not stretch any more but the recipient area is looking kinda promising (fingers crossed). I am thinking about going for another session next year when the new hairs have grown to lower the temples but not sure if it's a good idea with the scar already stretching so much in places. Dr feller told me that with patients whose scar is prone to stretching he keeps the staples in for six months but replaces every couple of weeks. Not sure how this would be possible in my case as i live in the UK and trip to NY every fortnight isn't really an option! I only had 1600 grafts so can't bear the thought what the scar could stretch to if I have more and more strips as and when needed and FUE alone can't be the answer.
  4. BTW, the pics are very high resolution, so the great big black "wire" you see in one of the pics is actually a hair shaft that came off. But i'm not sure whether what's at the base is an actual dead follicle or just skin (sorry, bit gross - one of the charms of modern technology! )
  5. Hey Chaps, Have not been updating for a while as I've been focused on other matters and keeping mind off things that dont change overnight. However, I've noticed that there is a lump at the base of some of the trasplanted hairs and you can peel the hairs off with finger nails like scabs. Dr Feller told me that something like 3 days after surgery grafts will be like normal hairs and nothing will damage the roots but during the 72 hr initial perriod if the grafts are dislodged there will be small bleeding at the root. Anyway, I gathered 2 months post op scatching the hairs or peeling the lumpy skin is not an issue; but I'm not sure if these are hairs that did not yield properly and are being rejected by the skin or just hairs pushed out as new hair is growing at the base, as there is little blood sometimes where the hair comes off. I've attached pics and would appreciate your comments. it's worth noting that in the early days many of the hairs came of with scabs and peeled without bleeding as Dr Feller said they would, but about 1/3 of the hairs have not fallen out yet. Some of the lumps are at the base of hairs that remained and some are where the hairs used to be. I'm hoping it's just parr for the course, but since nobody has mentioned something like this that I've come across, I thought worth checking out.
  6. badhairdo


    yes it makes sense. I had single hairs placed in front of native mostly double hairs, but they are spaced similar to the native ones. Will this not make them look thinner as they grow out, since 2's will give issusion of greater density??
  7. badhairdo


    omg, talking about grafts sticking up - I had HT couple of weeks ago and now notice the new hairs are growing in different directions, especially round the front. Is this normal ??! Will they grow straighter when they shed / regrow?
  8. Good to hear from you pb. I was too self conscience (and lazy) to go down to the local walk-in clinic, and since the nurse at Fellers told me one of the patients had taken the staples out himself, i though worth a try. She told me he tried to just pull them out and that was not the right way to use the stample remover, so i did some research when i got back and found this useful link http://www.ehow.com/how_5118101_use-skin-staple-remover.html and with the aid of 2 mirrors (courtesy of the local pound shop) they were out in no time. Must say though, first few stamples were pretty awkward (and damn painful) as I quickly learnt that if you got only one of the lower hooks under the staple then you end up crimping it which made it an absolute bugger to get out. so for those who want to try it at home, DON"T CLOSE THE PLIERS UNTIL ABSOLUTELY SURE ITS HOOKED ON RIGHT !!!
  9. Hi all, I haven't posted in a long time and have taken more than given back over the last couple of years and, although it has been a long journey, it finally came to a head just over 2 weeks ago. So I decided to write down my HT experience and give back a little. I shant bore you too much with the details of the flight and New York experience as this has been well documented by so many other Dr Feller UK patients. I basically took Virgin to JFK which is the best airport to get to the Andrews hotel from and the taxi trip cost <$40. The hotel was reasonable and room was pretty good with decent bed and facilities. I flow out on friday and had the surgery on monday and returned Wednesday. This worked out pretty well as I got to see New York over the weekend and had one whole day of rest which is a must ahead of the return home flight, and before swelling had a chance to settle in. On the day of surgery I arrived early and Dr Feller was already there to greet me. I found him as I expected, a pleasant softly spoken and a focused individual. He examined my hairline, which was the subject of the day and he initially suggested the temples to be filled out, but as i was more concerned about my high forehead he offered a compromise to both lower the hairline and the temples slightly and we agreed that it was a conservative and sensible approach. After this it all went pretty quickly really. i received the jabs and the incision followed after numbness kicked in. Whilst the nurses were separating the FUs Dr Feller proceeded to make the holes in the recipient area. We did not speak at this point as he needed to focus to ensure good angle and spacing between the holes which is vital for a natural hairline. When he finished, 2 nurses took over and filled the grafts in. It all went very smoothly and the whole ordeal was over by lunch time. I even had a lovely sandwitch and drinks waiting for me when it was all over. Dr feller reckons he used 1600 grafts and gave me some pain killers and antibios and i took a cab back to the hotel. I slept for a couple of hours and woke up to a splitting headache. Luckily the pills did the job and by the next day i had come off the painkillers and it was all fine after that. I decided to keep the bandage until I got back home which turned out to be a smart move, as not only it cushioned my head from the seat pressing against the staples, it also helped the swelling from travelling down to my face until i was safely back home. Anyway, most of the grafts are still intact, but are slowly falling off as expected. I was reluctant to take the staples out after the 12 days had lapsed (yes i took them out myself !!) becuase i was worried about scar stretching, but got a prompt email from Dr Feller and so they were quickly out after that. I have been keeping a close eye on the scar and have been using silicone gel with Dr Feller's concent as I discovered it can do wonders for scar healing - if anyone needs info on scar management etc, i did a lot of research on this topic, so please let me know and i will post details. All I've got to do now is wait and hope that the hair grows well and blends naturally with the native hair and the scar stays in check for the next cruicial few weeks. I would like to say a special thanks to Spex for making this possible and sticking with me during the last 2 years and exercising patience and providing help throughout this difficult journey, even when I've been a reckless nerve and a pain in the a***.
  10. Hi all, Just wondering how many people here have successfully had their donor scar filled with grafts, as I have read that the scar does not usually have good blood supply and also can be prone to stretching. Anyone who can share any problems or complications in relation to their scar would be doing the rest of us "first timers" a great service. I know Spex has had his scar filled successfully, just wondered if anyone else has managed it (or felt the need for it, say due to scar stretching or other complications). Ta
  11. Hey Spex, Has Dr Feller seen convincing results from this procedure, or is he giving this a go on a trial basis? Sounds like a major breakthough if it works, but not come across any news in the media
  12. As an engineer and a potential FUE candidate, I am very keen to understand the workings of this new tool and its full benefits to patients. Ironically, when I read the limitations of FUE on Feller medical webside concerning shear and tortional forces, high frequency vibration was an obvious candidate to overcome these limitations in my mind. However, my understanding is that the hand tool is used based on feel to cut along the path of the hair strand to avoid slicing the hair shaft or damaging the root and the surrounding bulb, sebaceous gland etc. How does this tool address the 'feel' factor? has there been a trial performed successfully? Will the reduction in labour skill / time cascade to the patient to make FUE a cost effective solution? PS whilst we are on the subject of sebaceous glands, I must report that I have expereinced a sudden and unexpected appearance of "noticeable" wrinkles under and around my eyes in the last few days - some 6 months after starting on Finasteride. Unbeknown to me, DHT has various functions in the body which I now have learnt have been seriously under reported including that it is the primary androgen in lubrication of the skin via the sebaceous glands. Of course, it takes several months for the DHT level to drop significantly in the body. So, now I have come off the meds, I am wondering whether this sudden drying and aging of the skin that has aged me considerably, is a permanent or reversible side effect? My other question is: has anyone else suffered similar side effects as a result of taking finasteride, and if so, has the skin rejuvinated over time after stopping usage? Not sure to feel or about the whole thing, but it sucks...
  13. Hi all, I have been on 1/5 Proscar now for just over six months, and last week I started having eye irritation and 3 days ago the skin under my eyes started to become very dry, coarse and wrinkled. I started noticing considerably more wrinkles on my forhead and under my eyes a few weeks after starting on the meds especially when I smiled of frowned; but I just put it down to natures aging process. But I did a quick research on this and found out that DHT is the primary androgen in the skin glands responsible for keeping the skin lubricated. Also, Fin seems to reduce DHT over few months and not overnight, so I am not sure if this is related?! I have no past history of hey fever or alergies, and have stopped the medication because the problem is getting worse! Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated. PS I had 2 sunbed sessions a fortnight ago, not sure if this would cause it as I was wearing protective goggles. Cheers BHD
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering whether the blood test required before travelling to see the Doc in NY can be done on NHS or requires £££? I know the HIV test can be done for free at a G.U.M clinic, but wasn't sure about the rest of the tests (Hep B S ag & HEP C ab). Any recommendations to get this done somewhere in London would be appreciated. Ta
  15. Thanks for posting guys. Glad to hear my new hairs wont be growing out a different colour Spex Is it worthwhile putting me on the waiting list for an op in six months, since I would've been on the meds for 10 months already? Does anyone know if the amount of donor area that can be harvested is related to the thickness of the skin? I have thick skin and don't feel much scalp movement when I pinch it. Will that limit the number of FUs that can be harvested?It seems the most I can pinch is about 1/2", which can't amount to great deal of hairs especially since I will be restoring the hairline and will need a great deal more later to improve coverage as the shedding has become progressively more diffusive in the recent years.
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