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  1. dont use it more then 2 or 3 times aweek its strong stuff
  2. get a pill cutter you cant get 5 perfect size pieces but it sorta dose the trick. as long as you get the proscar in your system you will be fine
  3. mine was the same, ur gp isnt the first who doesn’t give a crap but then again he wont be the last
  4. for me mate my sex drive is fine i 've only been on propecia for abot 3 maybe 4 months but had no probs
  5. don’t mean to be funny but that’s one of the reasons why people are on this forum to give feed back whether its good or bad. i would rather know either way if a product works or not
  6. i don’t think they are the same, people say they are but with regaine i felt i had some success with it helping reduce hair loss but i changed to kirkland minoxidil and i was losing more hair (maybe just me over scrutinizing) and it left my hair feeling very greasy. i dont use any of them any more i just take propecia and msm tablets
  7. yeah its great stuff, can be a tad messy. gives you a much fulller look in seconds
  8. not shore i know that proscar is only avalible via perscription, maybe thats why
  9. your not allowed to promote drugs in the uk that’s probably why the link was taken off
  10. i use it and no one has made negative comments, it makes my hair look fuller. i use it with a v05 styling product and it dose the trick for me
  11. i get mine off the nanogen web site and just follow the links. www.nanogen.co.uk
  12. anyone got any advice on some products that can help with frontal hairloss
  13. i get mine from holland and barret, they have always got a sale on
  14. i use nanogen or toppik and they are both are great products, use it with V05 Texturising Gum (if you wana style your hair) and it will make your hair look well thick. my mate said to me he wish he had hair as thick as mine
  15. like specs spex said its the same stuff but leave's your hair greasy, i used it for a bit but its horrible stuff wont use it again
  16. it defo stops hair loss, I’ve not had any hair re-growth, well none that’s noticeable to me but i think my hair has got a bit thicker.
  17. hey john dose that vaseline thing work, have you seen any inprovment
  18. cheers mate thats where i normaly get it, i was just wondering if there were any cheaper sites
  19. dose anyone know where you can get toppik on the cheap
  20. the best thing to do is not to worry if you start shedding just stick with it mate, best of luck
  21. He is correct you are to young for a hair transplant, and THFC I am a knob for saying he can and for that I apologies
  22. for the shampoo its the first one u wrote down mate
  23. propecia/proscar is an oral drug
  24. shave it or not worry about
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