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  1. alright jasey, theres no probs getting toppik in the uk just get it off there web site i use it and find no problems with delivery or there is nanogen the same stuff relly but if you buy it in bulk it works out cheaper
  2. dude dont worry bout them, its u u got to answer to if u feel ur doing the right thing then stick to it best off luck
  4. Handsomejim of course the ********* people are nice, well wouldn’t you be nice to someone if you know there gunna give you thousands of £. don’t think these guy's are trying to put a downer on you there trying to give you some advice so you don’t end up looking like a mug
  5. Ahmed18 i know this is gunna sound stupid but the best thing is not to worry and not to scrutinize coz it makes things 10times worse
  6. i use to use regaine and i used the dropper, if it has'nt run out dont worry mate remember there only guidlines. beat of luck mate
  7. cheers for the advice guys, much appreciated
  8. what would you guys say is a good age or a good time to have a ht, at the moment im 20 and been taking proscar for about 5 months or so
  9. the first ht looks awesome
  10. had a look on that site and it said $145 for an 80g pot of hair recovery cream, is this the right stuff, can you not buy it in £
  11. yes mate i use V05 texturising gum its in a blue tin, good stuff its a little like wax not as greasy or i use a rework fibre putty its in a blue pot also made buy V05 i prefer that it dosnt make your hair hard like gel and its easy to use
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