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  1. Root Cause - After nature gives up, technology can help perk up your mane. India - December 2005 A PRICE ON YOUR HEAD Costs of hair-weaving can vary wildly from salon to salon, from a few to several thousands. Each sitting for a hair-graft will set you back by Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000. The silicon-implant procedure costs around Rs 80,000 while the regraft will be an additional Rs 70,000 It can be safely said that Indian courtrooms had never heard of the term ‘hair weaving’ before Salman Khan filed a plea seeking exemption from an appearance on the grounds that he had just had such a surgery. The jury’s still out on the validity of the plea but medical experts say the procedure lasts just a few hours and is extremely cosmetic. What is hair weaving? It’s the science of weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair to the roots of existing, healthy hair so that it grows along with natural hair, thus giving the impression of a thick growth. It’s also called hair integration or hair intensification. ‘‘It’s a procedure appropriate for people with thinning hair. It’s not something that requires a H******* visit; it’s usually done in salons as a temporary procedure,’’ says Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan, senior cosmetic surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo, New Delhi. Full Story
  2. To all our readers Wishing everyone a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Bill Bonnie Scotland
  3. Hair Follicle Stem Cells Contribute to Wound Healing, According to New Penn Study Implications for Skin Problems Related to Diabetes and Other Disorders (Philadelphia, PA) - Hair follicle stem cells are important contributors to the wound-healing process, according to new research by investigators at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Using an animal model, the researchers discovered that stem cells in the hair follicle are enlisted to help heal wounds in the skin. This finding, published online in Nature Medicine last week, may suggest a therapeutic target for the development of drugs to encourage and promote wound healing. Wounds, including skin ulcers and other dermatological problems associated with diabetes, circulatory problems, and other diseases, are a growing medical problem in the United States, notes senior author George Cotsarelis, MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology. Previous work by the Penn research team had outlined the hair-growth process to show that stem cells in the hair follicle "bulge" area generate new lower hair follicles, which in turn, generate new hair. Full Story
  4. New tech to end hair problems NT Bureau Chennai, Dec 2005 Dr. Batra's super speciality homeopathy clinic has introduced Trichoscan, a sophisticated technology for scientific analysis of hair problem. This new technology helps in the early screening of hair problem through digital imaging and in measuring efficacy of treatment. Observing that the incidence of hair fall in the age ***** of 16-25 years increased by 250% in the last five years, Dr. Akshay Batra, deputy managing director of the clinic said, 'this instrument accurately detects the exact stage of hair loss and determines whether a treatment is truly working for the patient'. The Trichoscan, done at a cost of Rs. 150 for a month, not only measure hair loss with digital imaging, but it analyses exactly where, in the process of losing hair, the patient is in. And how much the patient has progressed or regressed since the began treatment. Dr. Batra revealed that hair problems is caused, mainly by unbalanced diet, dandruff and mental stress. The worst affected are women who are beauty conscious and those who avoid healthy food in the name of dieting. 'Treating over 75,000 hair patients all over, we not only look at improving their hair conditions but even the connecting medical condition is taken care of. The treatment usually takes little longer time for patients, they should realize that hair growth cycle is a long term process and not happens at once', he added. Full Story
  5. Thanks AGT As usual proper research has not been done. Propecia is not available on the NHS, although they say it is. They give 8/10 for scalp surgery !!! Bill
  6. Samson Hair Restoration Announces Affiliation with Anagen Staffing Samson Hair Restoration announces its affiliation with a specialized hair transplant staffing company, Anagen Staffing. This affiliation will permit Samson to deliver consistently higher results for its clients. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2005 -- Samson Hair Restoration announced today its affiliation with Anagen Staffing & Solutions, LLC, a hair transplant staffing and training company. Anagen Staffing will provide medical technicians for Samson hair transplantation cases in Samson's Atlanta, Georgia office. These technicians will assist Samson's surgeons. In a typical hair transplantation procedure, the physician harvests the donor hair and the technicians dissect out the individual follicular units, or grafts, which might number up to several thousand grafts. The physician then makes the recipient sites and the technicians plant the grafts in the appropriate sites. A typical hair transplant procedure lasts several hours. Full Story
  7. Hair-growth pill hits market Dec 2005 The Asahi Shimbun The first oral prescription drug approved by the health ministry to treat male-pattern hair loss went on sale Wednesday at medical institutions nationwide. Japan's hair-growth medicine market has been declining. But companies are expecting that Banyu Pharmaceutical Co.'s Propecia will revitalize demand for external treatments as well from consumers who would try both internal and external approaches. The product was originally developed by Banyu's parent Merck & Co. of the United States. Officially named finasteride, the drug is sold in more than 60 countries. Banyu Vice President Dan Feldman, who heads the company's sales division, said the Japanese market for hair-growth medicine is probably the world's largest. Full Story
  8. Men typically notice that their hair has become thin when they see their heads from an unusual angle, a survey conducted by a pharmaceutical company has found. Nine out 10 people surveyed by Banyu Pharmaceutical Co. said they are taking countermeasures such as frequently washing their hair or using hair tonic, but 45 percent of them said their efforts are ineffective. The company surveyed 1,100 men aged between 20 and 49 on the Internet from Sept. 2 to 6 who had noticed that they were losing their hair. When asked how old they were when they found that their hair had become thin, most of them, or 23 percent, said between 25 and 29, followed by 20 percent who replied 30 to 34 and 17 percent who answered between 20 and 24, with the average being 30.9. The largest percentage of respondents, or 43 percent, noticed that they had lost a considerable amount of hair when they saw their own head from an unusual direction, using devices such as surveillance cameras. Nearly a quarter of the respondents said their wives, lovers or friends had pointed out that they were losing their hair. Full Story
  9. Give Santa a kick and you could win £350. http://www.happy-christmas.co.uk/betfred/
  10. 'Hair cure of the human' may harm cats Dec 2005 You've probably heard of people using "hair of the dog" in an attempt to fight a hangover, but did you know that a "hair cure of the human" can actually harm or kill an unsuspecting cat? Topical solutions containing minoxidil (like Rogaine) are used to safely promote hair growth in humans, but pose serious health risks to cats. This occurs when the product has been applied intentionally to areas of hair loss on the cat or where they were accidentally exposed to the solution via licking their human family member's scalp or accidentally walking through the solution if spilled. Since 2001, six cases involving minoxidil exposure were reported by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. Of these cases, four of the cats died, while two fully recovered after prompt and aggressive veterinary treatment. Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, APCC medical director and veterinary toxicologist says: "Pet owners need to be aware that even minimal amounts of minoxidil can result in a serious or even fatal situation." Full Story - http://www.stophairlossnow.co.uk/News/News415.htm
  11. Hi Good idea, buuuut I can hack nothing, I am not technically minded, however I will look into it. Bill
  12. Hi Watery Jizm This is out of my hands. It is a UK thing and I have had problems with trading standards before, so I have to careful. Bill
  13. Well said Matt Everyone who has met him would say the same. Bill
  14. Today the humble soybean has emerged as the closest thing there is to a super-food. Health experts (and food companies) have proclaimed soy a miracle bean and promoted it as the key to maximum longevity and disease prevention. It's said to play a positive role in preventing heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis, as well as helping to relieve menopausal symptoms. One study even suggests that eating soy might reduce hair loss. But is soy another food fad, or is it the magic bean of the 21st century? Super bean It wasn't until the Zhou Dynasty (1100-256 B.C.) that humans consumed soybeans, when the Chinese developed a fermentation process to make soybean paste, best known today as miso. In the second century B.C. the Chinese discovered that a puree of cooked soybeans could be precipitated with calcium sulfate or magnesium sulfate to make a smooth pale curd -- tofu. Natto, another popular fermented soy food, entered the Japanese diet in Japan between 1,000 and 1,800 A.D. In the West, researchers really stood up and took note when they studied populations where soy was a regular part of the diet, and found that it may be protective against certain diseases. Whole soybeans are the edible seed of the soybean plant (from the family Fabaceae). Soybeans mature in their pod, ripening into dry, hard beans. Most soybeans are yellow, but there are also brown and black varieties. The word soy is derived from the Japanese word shoyu (soy sauce), and if you're in England you'll see soy referred to as soya. Soybeans have been called the "meat without bones" and the "cow of China" as they're a perfect plant-based protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids that your body can't produce. Full Story - http://www.stophairlossnow.co.uk/News/News414.htm
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