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Meds/lotions/treatment After Ht?

14 May 2010 - 08:19 AM


I'm 7 days post HT. Should I be treating my head with anything other than a baseball cap?

Im taking MSM (1000-2000mg day). What about lotion for the scar (Vit E?, bio oil?)
What about the recipient area? Its looking quite dry and flaky now?

Any advice appreciated !

I didnt get any swelling - was expecting loads since that what I got with the HTs I had in the 90's - made me look like a captain caveman. Maybe because the single hair insertion is a lot less traumatic ? less fluid injected into the head?

My Journey: Strip Ht With Dr Feller, New York

07 May 2010 - 11:02 PM



I'm from the UK, and have just had a 2600 graft strip HT with Dr Feller. These forums have been a life saver for me, and this decision has been 2 years in the making. I'd like to share some thoughts on my journey:

1) Obsessively research on these forums.

There is a mine of information, and (rarely) mis-information here. Most posters are helpful, sensible and realistic.

2) A Hair Transplant is not normal.
I mean this as a truism, not a criticism. As you get into the forums and blogs, there is a lot of support, encouragement, and congratulations of results- most of which is deserved. However - friends/family/work colleagues may see a HT as extreme/bizarre or laughable. Can you consider buzzing your hair short? You may have no hair, but you can buy a new BMW with the money you save! (I obviously didnt want to consider buzzing by hair - I have the same shaped head as John Cleese - which is why he had a HT as well)

3) If you are in the UK- MEET SPEX!!

Spex was the first guy I met who has a HT - after 15 years of it being my secret, to meet him was great. He is unbiassed, straight talking, and very sensible. And- he will let you rummage about if hair like a monkey looking for grubs! - so make use of him. IF you decide to go with Dr Feller, he also goes out of his way to make it easy, and cheap.

So, I bit the bullet, and have just had a HT from Dr Feller. As expected, the guy is really cool. He is obsessive about what he does. I also discovered we have 2 shared interests: Playing piano, and Electronics. Check out the books in his office. Now, I know the sort of people who build their own radios, and that exactly the sort of person I want fixing my hair!
After examining my hair, he said the best donor areas had be left by the UK clinic (The Hair Clinic in London). This is the area just above the lump at the top of your neck. All 4 previous strips had been done very low (why?? because they should be chopping up pigs, not doing HTs). He also confirmed that I have "plugs" in the middle of my head- whopping great 10 hair grafts. Now - The Hair Clinic in London (did I say to not use them? well dont) never told be this, when they schpealed on about min-grafts, and showed me their fraudulent hairline photo collection.

So, after a pathetic plea to not shave my head down to grade 0 - they shaved my head down to grade 0 smile.gif I know they cant work any other way. Not shaving is how crap clinic (like The Hair Clinic, in London - did I mention them?) used to hide their pluggy botch jobs. I ended up with 2600 grafts - instead of 2000. Dr Feller didnt charge me for the full difference, since he knew I came all the way from UK. I really believe the Spex and Dr Feller are altruistic, in an industry full of sharks and con-men!

After the initial numbing jabs, the procedure was not bad at all. The incisions were done by Dr Feller, and the grafts placed by the nurse/technicians - 2 or 3 of them working at a time. For the important bits then work in silence, and you can feel the concentration! I see where the cost of a HT goes - there were maybe 5 or 6 skilled people there, all working on my hair, for the entire day. Im surprised it doest cost more actually.

what else?... some tips if you are travelling from UK to Dr Fellers Clinic:

1) Prior to departure you need to fill out a VISA waver form on line, as well as the green form (which you get at check-in). Go to https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov I didnt do this, so had to mess about with my laptop at the checkin desk for 30 minutes!

2) Arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure. Security is a lot stricter than is was last time I flew to the US. When entering JFK, they take your finger prints, and photo.

3) Avoid American Airlines - there is no leg room, and all the flight attendants have faces like slapped arses and attitudes to match. mad.gif

4) Print out the directions to the Hotel form JFK - from the hotel web site. The cabbie I used didnt know the way. Cab cost $40

5) Checkout the area on google maps before leaving. You can even do a virtual walk between the hotel and Dr Feller's office. This helped in knowing where I was.

6) On the evening before, take a walk over the the supermarket, and stock up on fruit, water, drink, sandwiches etc.... (Dont touch the mini-bar, unless you have lots of cash left over after flight hotel and HT costs!). The super market is here.

7) Wear non white T shirt for the procedure - you may want to bin it after wards!

8) Dont watch Fox news for 6 hours. There is only so much "war of terror" one man can take.

Im attaching 4 pics:

Outside of Dr Feller's office
Inside of Dr Feller's Office
The inside of my booze filled mini-bar (dont touch it!)
The top of my head, post op. (Im finding this surreal to look at - maybe its just the pain killers)

This was therapeutic to write - hope it helps.

(right, start growing you little bu**ers!)

Booked For Ht This Week... Terrified!

04 May 2010 - 07:40 PM


So Im booked up for Dr Feller, on Friday 7th May.

Terrified! Not of the HT - Im confident about that. - Im terrified of looking like a freak for 4 months.

I work in a busy office, and am not telling anyone about the HT (I feel that would draw more attention to me, and basically piss taking, which would defeat the object).

Ive taken a month off work. Im not sure what Ill look like after that. I would be happy buzzing down if it wasnt for the scar (and 4 other HT scars).
I read somewhere that Couvre could be used on the scar, and Toppik on the top? Anyone tried this ?
Seems like a lot a messing about every morning.

Really wish a top class HT could be performed without shaving the recipient area.

On another note: anyone tried walking from Andrew Hotel to Feller's clinic, on the morning of procedure? Ive looked on the map - looks like a few miles - 30 minutes?